Friday, September 21, 2012

Oliver's Birthday Party

Well, Oliver is officially a four year old. Crazy, right?
This year, it snuck up on me with all the other many things going on at this point, but we were able to pull it off and give him a fun little party...even if it was a week after.

Since Oliver is so obsessed with anything Superhero (which I secretly love), we threw him an Avengers party.

Now I'm not much of a Baker these days, so it was cake from a box and frosting from a can for O. Luckily I found these awesome Avengers cupcake liners and toppers at William Sonoma.

We threw in some Hulk Punch too.

We played a few superhero games like Throw-Thors-Hammer-in-the-loop-thing.

And a good old fashioned tug-a-war which was so funny to watch.
 My favorite was the pinata. The night before (because I procrastinate like that), My mom, sisters and I got together after our family dinner and transformed This Elvis Pinata...

Into this Loki pinata. Thanks to the great skills and minds of the women in my family, we were able to transform him in no time. Oliver loved it so much that he even kissed him on the lips when it was completed.
Now it wouldn't be an Avengers party without some violence, right? So the kids put on the Hulk hands and Hulk face to take their shot at beating Loki up. Again, so funny to watch them.

Presents were next and Oliver's cousins (Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles), were so generous. Just about everything he got was Superhero related and he LOVED it. Thank you all! Isn't it funny how much the other kids love this part? In the bottom right picture, all the cousins crowded in to see what he got. They would get closer and closer until you couldn't see Oliver anymore.
Next up: the singing of "Happy Birthday"...Baker style.
He was a little worried about this part because He did not want everyone to chant "take a bite!" afterwards or get cake smashed in his face.

So he blew out his candles and bolted out of there.
We had cake and ice cream and hung out around the fire.
And there you have it. Oliver's party was a success and our house is just about busting out the bricks with Superhero paraphernalia.


Felicia H. said...

Wow look at all of those kids, it looks like so much fun. You did a great job on his cake and cupcakes and his pinata turned out awesome!

Amy said...

Loved the party. It really was hilarious to watch them wack loki. Party well done.

mark lawrence said...

Oh how impressive oliver’s birthday bash was. I am just stunned to see these cute photos. The colorful cupcakes are my most favorite part of this bash. Even I am going to host such a DIY party for my twin’s at the garden themed rental NYC venues for parties. I am sure that it will also be a fun evening.