Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Genuinely Happy

*Oliver experienced his first time on a swing today at his Aunt Amy's house. I wasn't sure if he would like it at first and I don't think he was either, but as soon as we stared to push him, it was confirmed that he LOVED it! His cousin, Andrew, just loves Oliver so much and was pushing him the whole time. I love seeing how much those Jensen's (and other cousins) absolutely adore Oliver. They are such fun to be around and are especially nice to share their clothes, toys, and now swing with him. Thanks Jensen kids, for being so nice to Oliver.
(Pictures courtesy of KO Photography)

*As seen in my An Apple a Day blog

Friday, April 24, 2009

The sun!

I love that we had great weather this week. Although I was trying to get over being sick, I felt it necessary to welcome the sun. I didn't think that the sun in turn would be so mean. It got me and it got me good.

(I know I look totally scary, but I had to show you what my face looked like the next day)
I have been looking forward to being able to sit outside with Oliver, read a good book and relax in the sun. I guess I over did it. I didn't realize it at the time since I was enjoying myself so much, but later that evening, I felt the sun burn!

The worst thing is that its not even a good burn. Instead, it's uneven and noticeable and just...weird.

I did however, start the beginning of my fave tan line. The one from my flip flops. I don't know why really, but I love tan feet and a flip flip line to show it! Yay for the sun making a noticeable appearance!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Not so sure anymore...

Watched "Marley & Me" last night....Not a good movie to watch if your thinking about giving your dog away. For now, I think we may just keep him. Ugh! Why does he have to love us so much???

Friday, April 17, 2009

Moose anyone?

As much as we hate to do this, the time has come to give up our dog, Moose. We never thought we would be those people that would want to give their dog away once they have a baby, but we have tried for 7 months to make it work and sadly, it's not working. Because Luke is in school and working all that time and I am looking after Oliver, we feel that we aren't able to give him the life that we know others could. We honestly love Moose and because of it, we feel that this is necessary. If there is anyone that is looking for a dog or knows someone that is looking for a dog, please spread the word. We would really like him to go to a good home that can give him the attention we no longer can. He is a very active dog who loves to play, run and completely be loved. We don't want any money, we just want him to go to a good place and we will include everything that we have for him (food, treats, leash, bowls, and bed).

Here is a little more about Moose:

Moose has lived with us for about 2 years. He was born on 3/6/07, He is male neutered chocolate lab/pointer mix, chocolate in color with a white chest. He is current on his shots. Weighs approx 60 lbs., He loves the outdoors. He loves backpacking, hiking, camping, mountain biking, and playing in water. He has a lot of energy, and is a good learner. He knows the commands, sit, come here, get down, no, chewy, lets go, inside, and get in your bed.

This is really breaks my heart and hurts me to tears, but I know that it's what we have to do. Please leave us a comment if you are interested or if you know of someone who is. Thanks!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

I was watching Good Things Utah today and they mentioned how they needed some volunteers at the the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure event taking place on the May 9th. I have never volunteered for anything and so I thought to myself "hey, why not?". One of my main goals this year is to be of more service, so I think this can go under that category, right? Usually I would only do something like this if I had someone else that I knew to do it with, but since I was being so spontaneous, that thought didn't cross my mind until I had already signed up. So I guess I will be working in the pre-registration area on that day. If anyone one would like to join me, it would be fun. Here is the link.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

"I love the rain the most"

The weather today was perfect rain weather. It was the kind of rain that you can actually call rain. The kind that comes down in large drops and not small sprinkles. I especially like how it makes the upcoming springs colors like the grass and flowers pop. All this rain reminded me of wanting to dance and jump in large puddles like Gene Kelly does in one of my all time favorite movies, "Singing in the Rain". Hopefully, it will just keep raining and not turn into snow...hopefully.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Weekend, Continued

Sunday~PART 1

Today Oliver is 7 months! despite being sick this weekend, he is still such a happy boy and we feel so incredibly blessed to have him. Here are a just a few things that he has accomplished since the last month...

...He loves to eat his fruits and veggies. He scarfs his bananas down so fast, but his that's another story....

...He can roll from his back onto his belly, but not the other way around. Once he's on his belly though, he get SO mad so he just cries instead of trying to roll back over...

...When we put him to bed at night, he loves to grab his burp rag or small blanket and rub his cheeks and face with it until he falls asleep. Usually he'll also knock out his binky in the process, but he still manages to fall asleep...

...He has the two cutest little baby teeth I've ever seen...

...He has started to give us kisses. I never knew that those slobbery wet baby kisses would bring me so much happiness. It's the best thing ever!

Sunday~PART 2

Also today, we were able to finish celebrating Easter. Unfortunately because Oliver has been sick, we didn't get to attend all of church. I just went to my first meeting and then came home to take care of boy. After an afternoon of napping and resting, we headed to the Baker house to have an Easter dinner with the traditional Ham, mashed potatoes, rolls and deviled eggs. After dinner we had an Easter egg hunt for the adults. My mom hides a few eggs for us with money and like little kids, we too go out looking for those eggs. Oh, and after we put Oliver to bed, I tried to convince Luke to stay up and watch a movie with me. When he found out that I was going to watch "Steel Magnolias", he ran right to bed.

Easter has quickly become one of my most favorite holidays. The newness of life, the pastel colors of Easter eggs, candy and decor. I love the days of good weather, and the sight of the blossoming trees and growing gardens. It all really is such a breath of fresh air. Mostly though, I love reflecting on the life that our Savior Jesus Christ lived, His example to us, and His love for each one of us.
We hope everyone had a wonderful Easter holiday and that you got to spend it with people you love.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Weekend thus far


Today we had the pleasure of celebrating the marriage of Luis and Brenda. The ceremony and reception were absolutely wonderful. It's so refreshing to see a couple in that much love and so happy. We wish them the best in their many adventures together.

We got to do a little bit of Easter celebrating today with my sisters, their kids, and other family members. Oliver collected 3 eggs from the Easter egg hunt and got a treat bag from the creepiest Easter Bunny I've ever seen. Lucky, he's too young to understand just how scary that velvety bunny really was, or else I'm sure he would have been screaming at the top of his lungs like all the other kids there. I have always loved celebrating the holidays, but now being able to share it with your own child, makes it more exciting and joyous.

More to come soon...

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Spring Reading

AH! Spring time. The time of year when you are wishing more then anything the warmth would permanently stay. Instead, Mother Nature teases us with a few nice days here and there and then the rest are those cold heartless days, reminding us that we still live in Utah and that Spring won't get here till about mid May.

These spring days I have been reading quite a bit while Oliver has been napping and it has been so nice to have that "me" time. I wish that I could say that this is me in the picture below, but sadly, it's not.

Instead, this is the way my reading time has been...

Quiet, without the sound of the noisy chirping birds and kids playing outside. Dull, only using the depressing unnatural light. And stale, with no fresh spring air to deeply breath in.

Hopefully soon spring will really be here to stay and my reading time will then be spent outside on the grass!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Nickel Auction

For those of you who just so happpened to miss the 4 o'clock...yes 4'o'clock news, here is our Nickel Auction story. Enjoy!

Video Courtesy of

I don't know if you'll really get sick, but you will be cold. Can't wait for summer weather. Happy April!