Saturday, July 27, 2013


We love the 24th of July around here. Going to the Bountiful fair is our favorite. We eat so much and let Oliver play on some of the kid rides. We usually skip the parade because it really isn't that awesome and Being pregnant, I really can't stand to be in the heat for very long.

 Oliver loved the fishing booth. His favorite were these crazy teeth.
Clearly, I wasn't feeling well but at least we were representing Utah with our Utah shirts...which was not planned at all.

My new favorite thing at the fair is the photo booth. This is the second year that it has been there and I love that it is cheap and we get 2 print outs.

To finish off the night we headed up to the Jensen's and watch fireworks from their roof. It is the perfect view and the best way to end the holiday. And who doesn't love a picture with an Amy photo Bomb and a sleeping Oliver.

 Happy Utah Day!

Progesterone Shots

This summer, for 56 days straight, I had to get progesterone shots. Every night at 8:30PM, my alarm would notify me that I had 30 minutes to get my butt up to Amy's house to get my shot. I hated when that alarm would go off, but it was only for 56 days and it was all for the love of having another baby.
For those that don't know, You need to take these shots when you are undergoing invitro fertilization. You take them right after they have transferred the embryo(s) and it's a thick 22 gauge needle that has to be stuck right into the muscle of your butt. For two weeks I was getting these shots not knowing if the IVF worked. Finally when I got the results that we were pregnant, it made every shot in the past and every shot that I would have to take in the future totally worth it.
Luke could not stomach the idea of giving me a shot with such a big fat needle. Luckily and thankfully my person, Amy was so willing to do it and when she was out of town, my other SIL, Taleesha stepped in. I have some pretty awesome sister in Laws.  
(Yes, I do realize I am showing my big swollen bum to the world and I do realize it is not my good side. I know, I know)
As we were getting closer to the last few shots, I asked Luke if he would be willing to try doing even just one shot. He said he would try, but he would make no promises.
So he wiped off my butt using the alcohol swab.
He even uncapped the needled and was getting ready to dart it in, but he just couldn't do it. Good thing Amy was close by. She really didn't have a problem doing this. 
I think she might have actually enjoyed it...

This was our last shot (July 24th 2013) and clearly we were both SO happy to be done.
 I had to take a picture with this one. Paige was always there to hold my hand and distract me from the pain. Her sisters would occasionally be there too, but Paige was just as consistent helping me as her mom.
All in all I must say that the shots weren't as bad as I thought. I was terrified to do this and there were some occasional days where I was bruised and it hurt to touch or lay on that side, but for the most part, it was bearable and like I said, totally worth it.
I am so thankful to Amy and Taleesha for dropping everything they were doing to help me (and Luke) out.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Gutter Play

Rain in the middile of summer...
Makes for some good gutter play.

 They (especially Oliver) loved playing in the "river".

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Hill-Billy Time

While the New York Veigel's were in town, we were able to get together with some of the Allred cousins for some summer fun. The Welch's were nice to have us all up to play on their slip and slide. The kids loved it and so did many of the adults. Luke always loves having someone to play with...Oliver too.
Unfortunately, The only pictures I took were of the kids going down the slide. I know there is a picture of all the cousins floating around somewhere out there...

Saturday, July 6, 2013

4th of July Celebrations

This year for the 4th of July we had a great weekend. We had an impromptu firework show in front of our house. Some people from my family and a few neighbors showed up.

The following day we had dinner at the Veigel home. Jake and Becky and their kids were visiting so we took that as an opportunity to all get together.

Later on we headed over to our cul-de-sac of fire. Luke somehow always ends up lighting the show and I must say that he does a pretty good job. The ending of the show is always the best thanks to the aerial fireworks. They were pretty awesome.
the 4th of July is always one of those easy and perfect holidays. I love the warm nights, the good company and the freedoms to do so.