Sunday, December 27, 2009

A Final Farewell

Sadly, we did it. On Christmas eve we went from becoming a family of 4 to a family of 3...tear. At around 2pm, we got a phone call from a lady who was driving through on their way up to Logan. They called to say that they were looking for a dog and that they wanted to meet Moose. Earlier that day they were at Sportsman's Warehouse where they saw the flyer that we had posted of Moose, so at around 4pm, they stopped by. I really didn't think that they would take him so quickly, but sure enough, they fell in love with him and his friendly personality and welcomed him into their lives. We gathered all of his belongings and said our quick goodbyes. It took me a couple of hours to recover and I still feel very sad to think that he is gone. Moose always loved us no matter how mad we would get or how much we failed to give him attention. He would always meet us at the door to welcome us home and loved us unconditionally. Here are a few of the fun and even not so fun things that happened while Moose was around...

* We got Moose only 2 months after we bought our house. We were excited to be new home owners and now new dog owners.

* His real name was Dakota...we thought that Moose was more fitting and taught him his new name quickly
* We were awoken every morning from Moose coming into our room and wet nosing and licking our feet if they were uncovered.

*When Moose would get scared, he's run into the brown room and hide in between the Luv Sacs.
*When he got a bit bigger and he'd get scared, he'd run into the the brown room and hide in the Luv Sacs.

*He really enjoyed drinking water from the toilet. I hated when he'd do it.

* Took him camping for the first time up at Greys river where he would sneak out of his bed and flop down right in between us.

*We enjoyed spending our first Christmas in our house with our dog.

* He always had to be right in between the two of us.

* We bought him a dog backpack so that we could take him hiking with us. He loved it and paraded around with it on his back so pridefully.
*He made it into our ward directory. No, it wasn't us. It was a joke played on us by our neighbor.

* We got nervous when we found out that we had a baby on the way because were scarred that they wouldn't get along.

* Trained Moose to stay off the carpet. He really was a good and smart dog.

* Were woken up in the middle of the night several times to the foul smell of Moose poo.

*I cried when we had to get him neutered. I felt so bad for him and I knew he hated us there for a little while...until his lamp shade came off.

* Had Oliver and we were so happy that the two of them were going to be buddies.

*Took him camping, running, hiking, fishing, Mountain biking and he loved every single minute of it.
*He loved to eat Oliver's socks for some weird reason and we'd find them out on the lawn either thrown up or mixed in amongst other things.

*Sammy was his best (dog) friend with Mushu at a close second.

* He loved Luke the most and until recently, Luke admitted that he loved him the most back.

We will truly miss our dog Moose and hope that he enjoys his new family. We knew for a while that is was the right thing that needed to be done. The memories with him will always be imprinted in our hearts and we'll never forget those happy times with him.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Remember this...

No watching Marley and Me this time. I'm pretty serious about it.

April 17, 2009
Moose Anyone?

As much as we hate to do this, the time has come to give up our dog , Moose. We never thought we would be those people that would want to give their dog away once they had a baby, but we have tried for 7 months to make it work and sadly, it's not working. Because Luke is in school and I am looking after Oliver, we feel that we aren't able to give him the life we know others could. We honestly love Moose and because of it, we feel that this is necessary. If there is anyone that is looking for a dog or knows someone that is looking for a dog, please spread the word. We would really like him to go to a good home that can give him the attention we no longer can. He is a very active dog who loves to play, run and completely be loved. We don't want any money, we just want him to go to a good place and we will include everything that we have for him (food, treats, leash, bowl and bed).
Here is a little more about Moose:
Moose has lived with us for about 2 1/2 years. He was born on 03/06/07. He is a male neutered chocolate/pointer mix. Chocolate in color with a white chest. He is current on his shots. Weighs approx. 60 lbs. He loves the outdoors including backpacking, hiking, camping, mountain biking, and playing in the water. He has a lot of energy and is a good learner. He knows the commands, sit, come here, get down, no, chewy, lets go, inside and go get in your bed.

This really breaks my heart and hurts me to tears, but I know it's what we have to do. Please leave a comment if you're interested or if you know of someone who is. Thanks!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Santa & Oliver

Last year's picture...

and this year's picture...

Do I even have to tell you that he hated it???