Sunday, March 29, 2009


Yesterday we were able to celebrate the upcoming wedding of my cousins Fiance, Brenda. Her family threw her one of the most enjoyable showers I have been to. Of course it was Latin style so it ended up being a very long celebration.

Brenda with all her future in-laws. I hope she's ready for us...

We played so many fun games. As one of my cousins said "There's never a dull moment when we're all together". She's completely right on that one. We always enjoy getting together for celebrations.

More games.

Me, with two of my beautiful cousins, Haydee and Jessica.

They tricked us big time! All of the winners of the games that we played had to come up and battle it out doing karaoke. Yes, here I am singing a really high pitched "I Will Survive"...It was horrendous!

The traditional lingerie shot. The shower was recipe themed and this particular gift was a recipe for love.

We had some really really good Mexican food. Of course the "Gringa" Taleesha couldn't handle the hot salsa. I thought steam was going to come out her nose and ears.

The mother of the Groom. I love my Aunt. She is so funny and always is the life of the party!

And finally, this was the 3 of us on the drive home. We took so many pictures and laughed until we cried. Some were way too ugly to be posting online, but here are a sample of just a few.

I already can't wait until the wedding. Latin weddings are SO MUCH FUN and when you have a great group of relatives that know how to party, it makes it even that much better.

Friday, March 27, 2009


Once again it's time for the Girls Night Out post! We had another successful and fun time with good company, yummy desserts, and great steals! GNO has quickly become one of my favorite nights to look forward to. We always have so much fun laughing and bidding over stuff and simply just hanging out with one another.

(from left to right: Part of Audry's back, Emily, Jenny, Karina, Me, Charity, Wendy and Half of Julie. Sorry some of you got cut out of the pic) Look how bright, beautiful, and happy everyone looks! Being in the company of these women is such a treat!

Here I am selling a shirt that I got from my sister in law, who got it from one of her sister in laws. These things get passed around so much. I love it!

Wendy, selling her crab puppet! As always, we have such a huge variety of items to buy from.

The totals sheet. This is how we kept track of every ones spending...although at times, I should have been paying more attention so that I didn't have to bug everyone in asking how much they got their items for...sorry ladies.

One of the highlights at this girls night out, was that we got to take a picture with Brooke Walker from Studio 5! She thought our Girls Night Out idea would make a great story, so she came out and shot us having fun selling our junk in the nickel auction! If all goes well, they should be airing our story sometime next week!

Of course, this post wouldn't be complete without showing you something that I got. My favorite item of the night were these earrings. I LOVE them and I love that I only paid 2 dollars for them! How cute are they???

A big Thank You to all our hubbies for letting us go out KID-LESS! And for putting up with us coming home with loads of stuff!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Spring Break

For Spring Break this year we decided to head down to St. George. We invited some friends, packed up, and away we went. Our plans were to relax and enjoy the nice weather, eat some good food, go hiking in Zions and hang out at the house.

Here we are at the end of a short hike. The weather was perfect this day and it was nice to be in the sun and not be cold.

These are pictures taken while were hiking. The best trail of the day was hidden canyon. It was a Little scary having to hike on the ledge of a cliff with Oliver on Lukes back and holding onto chains, but it was fun and Luke and Oliver did really well.

My favorite picture of the whole trip. I love these boys SO much.

Our little family experiencing our first time in the outdoors with Oliver. It went great!

We also did some shopping and tons of eating. Oliver got a bit tired, but still was an awesome baby!

Our friends. We were glad that Cami and Frank were able to go down with us. They had never been to Zions so it was fun to be able to take them them for their first time. We'll have to do it again soon.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

awesome work!

I believe that I am lucky to have so many talented friends. One in particular is my friend Karina. She is currently working on her photography business and she is doing an outstanding job. She has taken so many wonderful pictures of my little family and so I thought that I would share with all of you.

Our first family picture. This is one of my all time favorites!

Oliver at his 5 month photo shoot.

Another family favorite

This one is so funny to me. Oliver and I were mirroring each others faces without even knowing it. You can sure tell he's my son.

A few shots that Karina took of me.

A very real moment of Me and my boy.

Shooting pictures for our Christmas cards.

Another very special picture of Oliver and me. Wow, I'm glad I will have these moments captured forever.

This is the hottest picture of Luke that I have ever seen. He wasn't even trying to pose that way, but man, he looks good as a dad!

Again, another special moment of my boys.
If you are looking for a photographer with a great eye and talent for taking pictures, check out her website KO Photography or just shoot Karina an email She really is one of the best photographers I know.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Month Six

Oliver is six months today! I can hardly believe that he is half way to his first birthday. He really is growing up way too fast. Here are some of the things that he is currently into:

~He is Smiling A LOT!
~He is currently Eating rice Cereal
~He enjoys being in his Saucer while watching Baby Einstein
~He is almost in a size 4 diaper (just waiting for those last few size 3's to run out)
~He is sitting up...with a little help
~He still hates to be on his tummy
~He loves to play and suck on his hands and occasionally his thumb
~He loves to cuddle
~He still likes having his face played with and kissed
~He loves it when his blanket is under and around his face while in his car seat and sucking on a Binky
~His eyes are still blue
~He is getting long scraggly hairs on the top of his head...haircut here we come!
~He likes the sound of his own voice and so he squawks a lot.
~He is starting to show signs of teeth coming in.
~He loves falling asleep to either Mom or Dad caressing his head

And here are the pictures of his 6 month mark!

Okay, this is when he was happy...for a minute

...And this is how he really has been today. He hasn't been feeling too well so he's been hanging onto me all day. My plan was to take better pictures, but this is the best I could do.

Happy 6 months, my love!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Luke as Kanye

One of the many things that Luke does that makes me laugh. I may just be the only one that thinks this is funny, but I thought I'd share anyway.

sorry Luke.

Love You!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

SO gross!

You may be wondering "Why in the world is Oliver sitting in the bathroom sink? What could this cute chubby boy have done to deserve such treatment?" Well, I'll tell you...No, better yet, I'll show you...

*Warning! The pictures you are about to see aren't pretty...Let's just say I warned you...

He had an explosion of the bowels! I was on the phone and holding Oliver at the same time. When I went to adjust how I was holding him, I noticed that my arm was wet. My initial thought was that it was slobber, but then I realized that there is no way that I would have slobber on that arm especially with the way I was holding him. Sure enough it was poop!

Yes folks...that is poop on me. Don't mind that piece of TP on my arm...I was trying to clean it off and it just stuck! (I warned you this was gross)

Oh and don't you just love the expression on Olivers face??? This is his "I'm not guilty" face.

His back after I had tried to clean most of it off. Poor guy. How embarrassing!

AHH! Bath time! This boy loves a nice warm bath to clean him right up.

Even with all the poop to clean up, I can honestly say I don't mind one bit because having this boy is the best thing ever. Being with him makes all those messy moments just go away. Size 4 diapers here we come!

Sunday, March 1, 2009


This past weekend I was able to host the latest Girls Night Out at my house! We had a really good turnout, tons of food and I also ended up with a few new favorite things. For those of you who aren't familiar with GNO we start by having a potluck and then go on to have a nickel auction where one by one, we each take turns selling our unwanted items.

Here is a picture of half of the group. I think in this picture, people were in the middle of bidding...sorry ladies!

Ginger, Emily, Brittany and baby Leisel at "intermission".

And here are the things I got:
A mirror, lamp, cookie cutters, clock, pacifiers, new scrapbooking chalk, picture frames, scrapbooking stamps, embosser with powder, Scrapbooking paper and stickers, A cheese grater, Christmas bowl, leggings, a very cute bag, a pumpkin dish and my favorite thing of the night were some hand made turquoise earrings (in the pumpkin dish).
Girls Night Out has become one of my new favorite things. It is a great way to meet new people and to have fun together. I highly recommend to start one if you need a good way to get to know your neighbors or if you just want to have some fun with your girlfriends!