Sunday, March 29, 2009


Yesterday we were able to celebrate the upcoming wedding of my cousins Fiance, Brenda. Her family threw her one of the most enjoyable showers I have been to. Of course it was Latin style so it ended up being a very long celebration.

Brenda with all her future in-laws. I hope she's ready for us...

We played so many fun games. As one of my cousins said "There's never a dull moment when we're all together". She's completely right on that one. We always enjoy getting together for celebrations.

More games.

Me, with two of my beautiful cousins, Haydee and Jessica.

They tricked us big time! All of the winners of the games that we played had to come up and battle it out doing karaoke. Yes, here I am singing a really high pitched "I Will Survive"...It was horrendous!

The traditional lingerie shot. The shower was recipe themed and this particular gift was a recipe for love.

We had some really really good Mexican food. Of course the "Gringa" Taleesha couldn't handle the hot salsa. I thought steam was going to come out her nose and ears.

The mother of the Groom. I love my Aunt. She is so funny and always is the life of the party!

And finally, this was the 3 of us on the drive home. We took so many pictures and laughed until we cried. Some were way too ugly to be posting online, but here are a sample of just a few.

I already can't wait until the wedding. Latin weddings are SO MUCH FUN and when you have a great group of relatives that know how to party, it makes it even that much better.


Karina said...

I cant wait to shoot this wedding!!! I love the photo booth style shots at the end... too funny! Why do those always make you laugh so stinkin hard????

Amy said...

Looks like a blast, I would be right along with Taleesha and having smoke come out my ears! As always you look pretty in all your pics! Even the funny ones!

TyandLan said...

Oh gosh!! My sister will love these pics of her! I know she wasn't feeling well that night either... sad! ha ha ha you can email me to join our blog!

The Baker Family said...

OH MY HECK!!!!!!!!! WHY O WHY did you put these on here??? Actually, I like seeing pictures of myself cuz it REALLY motivates me to WORK OUT!!!!!!!

bjensen said...

In your blog post below, that shirt your "selling" I believe was orginally from me. They were from a dance my senior year of high school! That is funny! :)

Jake and Becky Veigel Family said...

Wish I could have seen the karoake