Wednesday, December 31, 2014

My 2015 Goals

I decided to make this little sign of my own goals for the coming year. I hope these can help you with your own goals or at least get a better insight as to where I'm coming from. Enjoy.
Break a bad Habit. This one is one that I am constantly trying to over come. I feel that so many times I misjudge someone or a just jump to assumptions. I hate when other people do it so I am going to try
not to do it to other people. It's not only a bad habit, it's an ugly one.
Try a new skill. I think I will try to teach myself to play the guitar. I have in the past and things were going well and then I had a baby and never made time for it again. I am hoping to pick that back up...and to moon walk like Michael Jackson. I'm serious.
Be a better friend. This one to me is hard. I think being a true friend is a lot of work. You have to take time to nourish the friendships that you have and consciously make an effort to be there and reach out to people. I want to be an uplifting friend and be there for my friends that may be in need. I often think 'if a person saw me in a grocery store, would I be the kind of person that they would want to walk up to and say hello or quickly walk the other way as to not be seen by me'. I hope it's not the latter and that people would see me as a good friend.
Visit a new place. I should have added that I want to visit a new place with my family. I think this such an adventurous one and would love to make those memories happen with my husband and children. I want to travel with them as much as possible. I will make this happen even if it's not an exotic twelve hour away place. It may be simple but it will be amazing.
Serve More. With my new calling, I have a feeling this one wont be a problem but I want this goal to be more than that. I want to find ways to secretly serve those around me. Or to just find tiny things each day that will help me better serve my family and my community. I often think about things to do, but never actually do them and that is one of the main things I want to change with this goal.
Whine less. I am so blessed and I often forget that and tend to whine about the wonderful life that I have. I hate that. I want to be more grateful and show it in my everyday life. Have you ever been around someone that constantly whines? It sucks and I don't want to be that Debbie Downer.
Run Hard. This one may be my greatest goal this year. I have fallen out of love with running and I haven't sorted out my thoughts as to why. I have a hard time with it and I know I need to because of the amazing things it does for me, but for some reason I just can't put my whole heart into it like I have in the past. This one will be a challenge.
Love unconditionally. This one goes without saying that I just need to try my hardest to love more...and maybe if it's not love, then at least to like more and to try and find the good in people. One thing that I told someone close to me about how to treat others really stuck with me {I know its weird that I am quoting myself when I say this}, but I told him that 'We may not be accountable for how {this person} lives their life, but we will be accountable for how we treat them."
Regret nothing. I want to live this year trying my hardest and knowing that I am consciously making an effort to improve myself and the lives of those that I come in contact with. This is just a small list of improvements that I want to make and there is so much to work on. I just want this year to be a year of smart choices and goodness.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

11 Months!

These two are 11 months and they are so much fun. They are starting to get busier and busier and it is so much fun. They are both getting really attached to me and will cry every now and then when they see me leave the room. They always want to be crawling all over me and be loved by me. I for one, do not complain about that. watching them together is so sweet. They steal toys out of each others hands, crawl over, scratch all over, look for one another, and love each other so much. I hope and pray that their relationship will only get stronger as they get older. They have such a sweet bond and I love seeing their interactions with each other.

Briony. Bee. Sweet Bee. Miss Bee. Lady. Queen Bee.
Oh how I love this girl. This past month she has turned into the sweetest girl. She will always be a spitfire, but this month, her sweet side has really shined through. She suddenly loves to smile at people and show off her amazing teeth. I love that she has big goofy spaced teeth. She is a gabber and will sit there and chat away mixed in with some squealing and screaming. She has turned into our happy child that is content rolling and (Army) crawling all around. She is so smart and has even found a way to break through the barricade that we have set up for them in the living room. Nothing will stop her. She still sleeps with a mouthful of blanket. Is getting better at eating solid foods, but when she sees her bottle, watch out! She will kick and scream until she gets her bottle. She weighs 20.10lbs and has 8 teeth and 4 molars popping through. She is in a size 5 diaper and sleeps amazingly. Bath time is her favorite and loves to kick her feet in the water. She loves being sung to and her song is "I often go Walking". She really is just the sweetest thing at this age. I love her so so much.
Milo. Milo Man. Mr. Milo. Big Bum. Milosh.  
Milo has suddenly turned into our mover. Before he was just happy laying on the ground with a toy. Not any more. He has learned to pull himself up into the standing position. So much so, that he actually fell out of the crib once. We quickly lowered the mattress and now I can find him standing in his crib every morning. He gets to excited to love on you that he will claw or pinch your face. He is still so sweet but this past moth has been a bit rough for him with his molars coming in. He has 8 teeth and 2-3 molars coming in. His hair is amazing. He loves to be tickled and sung to. Oliver is still his favorite and it seems that big brother could do no wrong even when Oliver is "wrestling" with him. Milo army crawls around everywhere and loved to just rock on his hands and knees but not use his knees for crawling. He is liking the idea of solid foods but doesn't put those teeth to use and never seems to chew his food causing him to gag and puke. Suddenly he loves a binky at night when he sleeps. We thought we would give it to him as a toy and now he's totally in love with it. He also loves bath time and will splash the hardest. He weighs 24.10lbs and wears a size 5-6 diaper. He sleeps so well and I have caught him on occasion sleeping with his bum in the air. So cute! He has the best squishiest cheeks ever. His favorite song is "My Little Buttercup" and there is a guaranteed smile from him every time I sing that song. We are so blessed to have him and I love that chunk with as much love and I know to give.  

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Baker Christmas {Eve}

I was so happy to be able to host Christmas for my side of the family this year. We traditionally have it at my moms house but this year, we thought it would be more comfortable being at home with all the kids.
The adult table.
 The kids tables.

 This year we made sure to get some really good appetizers. None of us could stay away...
Especially mom.
But we still had room for dinner and it was delicious. 
 Dessert was equally as good. This year I really wanted to make my favorite dessert and so I threw together this cherry pie.
I loved having my family for the night. We opened gifts and really enjoyed one another's company.
We were all so excited to see Briony and Milo experience their first Christmas.
 Milo didn't know what to think.

And Oliver always loves anything anyone gets him.
 Everyone was so incredibly generous and thoughtful.
The rest of the night we just sat around watching Christmas movies and talking. Some of us napped while others played with kids. It was the perfect way to spend the day with each other. I always look forward to the holiday so that I can spend it with my people. So good. So sweet.


Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Celebrating Amy

Amy is my person. I don't know what I would do without her and all of her help, advice and friendship. Today is her birthday and I was so glad that I got to spend this day with her.
We worked together for a little bit before heading out to do some shopping and some returns. She is the best person to shop with. In one day we went to The Lego Store, Brookstone, Nordstrom, Old Navy, Gap, H&M and Crate and Barrel.

 Later that night we went out to dinner. She chose The Habit, which was an excellent choice.
35 has never looked better!

Following dinner, we (fellow book clubbers) went to see a movie. (Love $5.00 Tuesdays) We saw The Mockingjay Part 1. It was SO good. 
Amy really is one of the most genuine people I know. She is so much fun to be around and is always the life of the party. You can count on her to make you laugh with one of her many dance moves, her songs or even if she is just making fun of herself. Love her and I am so grateful to have her in my life. Happy Birthday Amy.

And then there was this beautiful rendition of Happy Birthday to Amy....

Friday, December 5, 2014

Welcome Back Monte

 It's December 4th and our elf, Monte has made it! Oliver knew that the Jensen's elf had already arrived at their house and was hoping that our elf would get here soon. He counldn't remember what his name was and kept mumbling something along the lines of Money or Monnn...
Well he made it!
It's usually hard to get Oliver going in the morning but when I told him that Monte was here, He hopped right out of bed and ran into the living room.
And there he was in the tree.
Monte left the kids a sweet note saying that he was excited to be our elf and that we must remember the to be good to each other. He left the kids Christmas Jammies so they could be worn all month long and be reminded at night to say their prayers and give thanks for all their many blessings. 
Briony and Milo of course were more impressed with the wrapping and played with that ribbon all day long.

We are happy to have Monte back as a reminder to be kind and to do nice things for others. We are glad that our {lazy} elf stays out of trouble and does nice things instead. 
And lastly, Luke and I had a discussion on the spelling of Monte Name. He says it's spelled Monty, but I think it's actually least that how his letter was signed...

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Chirstmas Kickoff!

Christmas is on! 
We have a strict rule in our house that we cannot do anything Christmasy until after Thanksgiving. This year we made a tiny exception. We listed to Christmas music, but only because we couldn't believe it was already "That time of year" and so to get ready for the feel of the Holidays, we listened to the music. BUT only in the car so it's not like we completely broke that rule...right?

So, Luke and Oliver set up the lights the Friday after Thanksgiving and we waited until it got dark enough (dang LED lights), to go out and flip the switch. I joked that this was our Temple Square flipping of the switch. And there you have it. Our dim red LED lights. Love it!
On Sunday we had our "Thanksgiving" meal with my side of the family. It was delicious. I even made home made rolls for the first time in my life AND sweet potatoes. They both turned out pretty okay if I may say so myself.  Following the dinner, We set up my moms tree....and by we I mean, Kenzie, Ashlyn and I. Luke and Johnny directed us on where to put what and brought the boxes out. I think her tree turned out pretty cute (my outfit, not so much...Don't ask) and my mom was especially grateful to not have to do all that work on her own and by herself. 

 Grandma sure loves her grand babies.

Luke and I had been trying to go the Old Spaghetti Factory all weekend long, but other things got in the way. Finally on Monday we were able to break away and go out for dinner. Oliver likes going there and Briony and Milo especially liked it. They tried spumoni for the first time and Milo was enjoying sharing my meal with me. 

 We walked around many of the shops and enjoyed looking at all the Christmas decorations. Too bad Santa wasn't there. We'll have to make another special trip to see him. I've heard he's good. 

 That night we figured that since we were in the Christmas spirit, we would stay up a little later than usual and set up the rest of our Christmas decorations. Luke put on the fire (via Netflix. Thank you Netflix) and we rocked out to some Christmas tunes and trimmed the tree. 
 With Dad's help, Oliver, Briony and Milo put the star on top of the tree and with that, we were officially Christmas ready. 

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

A Few of our Favorite Things

We have such a good ward and great neighborhood and so it goes without saying that when we have get together's, they are always so much fun. 
This one in particular was our Favorite Things Party. 
Here are the rules...
Every person that is invited brings three of the same gifts (get ready to hear the number three a lot)
We make a budget of 5 dollars per gifts. You bring your three gifts all wrapped and ready to give. When you get to the party you write down YOUR name three times and put it in the "hat". Then when everyone is there, you all pass the "hat" around and draw three names (if you draw your own name, re-draw).  The three names that you drew are the people that you give your gifts to. We go around the circle and give our gifts to our people and explain why we chose those gifts and why they are our favorites. 

It really is so much fun to see what people come up with and for 5 dollars at that. 
This year I gave a Mr. Pumice bar $2.99. I buy mine at Sally's.This is the best to have in your shower to wash your feet with and scrape away that thick skin that builds up on your heels...especially in the summer. Holly Heel no more!
Fingernail Polish $1.00. I wish I could have included my favorite brand, Essie, but That stuff is way too expensive. If you don't mind paying 8 dollars a bottle though, it's worth it. 
And these cute little Magnet Clipboard notes $1.50 (so I went over .50 cents. Big Whoop) I am always looking for little notes to write on and how cute is this magnet clip board. All the designs that I bought were just so dang cute. I found these at Michael's. 

And then came the fun part. Here is what I got:
From Julie I got a 5 dollar bill! Wha whaa! She was so cute and included a menu to a favorite local Bakery.
From Sara I for a cute little stocking full of goodies that included Jamberry nail rub-ons. (love Jamberry too), Nail polish, Nail file, Skittles and a cute fleece scarf. 
From Corinne (which I sat by and laughed the whole night, Love her) I got Gap socks and and water bottle. (I joked with her all night about the water bottle) 
Seriously, if you have ever thought about doing this (winter or summer), do it. It is so much fun and something that I look forward to every year. 

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Baby Greysen

Meet my newest nephew, Greysen Fox. Isn't he just so stinking cute?
He may be one of the last nephews I get being that everyone seems to be done having children on both sides of our families. When did we all get to be old enough to be done making babies?

Anyway, he was born on November 25th at 1:24 in the AM. He weighed in at 6 pounds 12 Ounces and just look at all that hair. So dreamy. 
I didn't get to meet him because I felt like I may have been getting a cold and so I wanted to wait to see if it would turn into anything. Luckily my light cold symptoms went away and I was able to meet him a few days later. 
When I met him, however, he was in the NICU for low blood sugar levels and Jaundice. Thankfully he only had to be there for a few days and was able to go home on December 1st. He is doing so well and so are the rest of his family member's. It reminds me every time that babies really are such miracles and it's amazing all that they have to go through to get here. 
 We are so blessed to have and to welcome baby Greysen into our family.