Wednesday, December 3, 2014

A Few of our Favorite Things

We have such a good ward and great neighborhood and so it goes without saying that when we have get together's, they are always so much fun. 
This one in particular was our Favorite Things Party. 
Here are the rules...
Every person that is invited brings three of the same gifts (get ready to hear the number three a lot)
We make a budget of 5 dollars per gifts. You bring your three gifts all wrapped and ready to give. When you get to the party you write down YOUR name three times and put it in the "hat". Then when everyone is there, you all pass the "hat" around and draw three names (if you draw your own name, re-draw).  The three names that you drew are the people that you give your gifts to. We go around the circle and give our gifts to our people and explain why we chose those gifts and why they are our favorites. 

It really is so much fun to see what people come up with and for 5 dollars at that. 
This year I gave a Mr. Pumice bar $2.99. I buy mine at Sally's.This is the best to have in your shower to wash your feet with and scrape away that thick skin that builds up on your heels...especially in the summer. Holly Heel no more!
Fingernail Polish $1.00. I wish I could have included my favorite brand, Essie, but That stuff is way too expensive. If you don't mind paying 8 dollars a bottle though, it's worth it. 
And these cute little Magnet Clipboard notes $1.50 (so I went over .50 cents. Big Whoop) I am always looking for little notes to write on and how cute is this magnet clip board. All the designs that I bought were just so dang cute. I found these at Michael's. 

And then came the fun part. Here is what I got:
From Julie I got a 5 dollar bill! Wha whaa! She was so cute and included a menu to a favorite local Bakery.
From Sara I for a cute little stocking full of goodies that included Jamberry nail rub-ons. (love Jamberry too), Nail polish, Nail file, Skittles and a cute fleece scarf. 
From Corinne (which I sat by and laughed the whole night, Love her) I got Gap socks and and water bottle. (I joked with her all night about the water bottle) 
Seriously, if you have ever thought about doing this (winter or summer), do it. It is so much fun and something that I look forward to every year.