Friday, December 5, 2014

Welcome Back Monte

 It's December 4th and our elf, Monte has made it! Oliver knew that the Jensen's elf had already arrived at their house and was hoping that our elf would get here soon. He counldn't remember what his name was and kept mumbling something along the lines of Money or Monnn...
Well he made it!
It's usually hard to get Oliver going in the morning but when I told him that Monte was here, He hopped right out of bed and ran into the living room.
And there he was in the tree.
Monte left the kids a sweet note saying that he was excited to be our elf and that we must remember the to be good to each other. He left the kids Christmas Jammies so they could be worn all month long and be reminded at night to say their prayers and give thanks for all their many blessings. 
Briony and Milo of course were more impressed with the wrapping and played with that ribbon all day long.

We are happy to have Monte back as a reminder to be kind and to do nice things for others. We are glad that our {lazy} elf stays out of trouble and does nice things instead. 
And lastly, Luke and I had a discussion on the spelling of Monte Name. He says it's spelled Monty, but I think it's actually least that how his letter was signed...


linds said...

holy cow! bless you for blogging. totally made parent teacher conferences do-able.