Monday, August 19, 2013

A visit from Mexico

This past summer we had some very special visitors. We had, for the first time ever to the US, My aunt, cousin and two nephews join us. They were here for a couple of weeks and got to do a lot of really fun things during their stay. One of the days, we were able to take them to Lagoon. I think these four had a really good time.
The Rocket and Jet Star
 Rattlesnake Rapids
 Samuri. They loved this one and went on it three times in a row.
Bombora. They were all so nice to take Oliver on this.

Like I mentioned, they got to do a lot of other fun things with many of our relatives that are local. One Sunday evening, we were able to host a BBQ with as many of us as possible. By the end of the night, there were about 40 of us. It was pretty fun. 

Tia Lulu, Tio Luis and my mom.

 We took the opportunity to sing happy birthday to Wendy since it was around her birthday...and stuff her face with cake. She was such a good sport.

And of course since this doesn't happen all the time, we had to take a group picture. However gathering this large of a group together for a shot took a while.

 Almost there.

Finally. The perfect family shot. 
As always we missed our loved ones that weren't able to be there with us, but we were so grateful to spend time with those of us that were there. As I always say, I love my Mexican family. 

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Grays River

 Gray's River is always a highlight to our summer. We look forward to this week all year long. Months before it happens, Oliver is already asking about it.
This year was just the same as any other year, so to not re post the same pictures year after year, I will just post some of my favorite pictures from this year.
This has to be my favorite picture. This whole group was about to go down the river together. The biggest group we've had. I love that they are all outfitted in their life vests, paddles and floating devices.
These two were taking some great pictures. 
 I love that this shows exactly what Grays River looks like. So perfect.
 Last year, Trent's inflatable raft was such a hit so Larry bought himself one this year.

More river pictures.
Amy might kill me for this one but I had to post it since it's something we do every year that probably hasn't been documented.  Like Mother like daughter. 

Murphy lake pictures. We had a good time there.
More random pictures.
 And of course we hiked up to stump lake one night after dinner. We had to take a family picture up there...
But that quickly was interrupted by my urge to puke. Amy captured it perfectly. 
 I was too lazy to take out my camera while we were at our camp ground. But let me tell you, everyday we enjoyed some delicious food, laughed over the same stories, spent some good nights around the fire with the kids. Oliver asked to go to bed every night around 8. I only puked twice the whole time we were there which was so great. This time around, camping wasn't awesome for me, but it was still fun to be up there with everyone. We all kept joking that we better enjoy this year because next year is going to be quite the camping trip with an additional two babies. Until next year.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Summer Swimmer

Oliver took swim lessons this summer for five weeks. It was so cool to watch him re-learn how to swim and watch him swim across the pool all by himself. It was one of those proud parent moments. We love Jeri and will continue to go with her year after year.

Good work, Oliver!