Monday, August 13, 2012


I love that every 4 years I get to watch hours and hours of Olympic footage. Not just the games, but also the small segments that are ran all day long on the culture of the host of the games.  Love it! The last time we watched the summer Olympics was when Luke and I just bought our home. We didn't have any kids yet or even a dog. We watched Micheal Phelps win medal after medal, Kerry Walsh and Misty Mae-Treanor win the Gold in a palm sweating battle. We loved watching Sean Johnston and the rest of the US Gymnastics and just feeling such emotion as we watched footage of Olympians feeling complete glory and even complete defeat. The Olympics re-unite the world for some (hopefully) good clean fun and competition all for the love and passion of "the game". Even the commercials like Visa, GE, Nike and P&G (no T-Vo here) tend to make me a bit teary eyed on occasion. LOVE it! Like I said though, we don't have anything to record anything. Not even a VHS player to do it the old school way so, I stayed up night after night watching the games. Who knew watching Water Polo, BMX racing and kayaking could be so cool. Not me. I loved that it was in London. It looks like such a cool place that I hope to visit someday. Luke and I would laugh at some of the stories about the customs there and how quirky the British are. On the flip side, I also enjoy their learning about their very traditional customs.

Of course my favorite is always watching Misty Mae Treanor and Kerry Walsh Jennings play beach Volleyball. They are just the ultimate duo. I also loved watching the Women's indoor Volleyball along with Swimming, Diving, Running, Gymnastics both Men and Women's and all the many other events. It was all just so amazing. It would be a dream to be able to go down to Rio for the next summer games with Luke, but I guess I have a pretty good seat here on my own couch. 2016 summer games, you can't get here soon enough.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Summer Outdoor Retailer Expo

We love going to this but it's not very easy to get into unless you have some sort of connection. We had in years past, but sadly haven't found a way to get in for the last 2 years. This year when he heard that a vendor needed some extra hands to help for a day, we jumped all over that especially because we would be working with Prana, a company we really like.
And for our lunch break, we hit up the fabulous Chick-Fil-A.
It was work, but well worth it.