Friday, May 31, 2013

Memorial Weekend Review

 We decided to stay home this weekend which was very nice. For starters, some Icee's. Gotta love Walgreen's.

I hate the wind, but it was a perfect day to go fly a kite. Luke was those most excited about this. I love him for still having that little kid in him.

 The kite string ended up breaking and away the kite went, but Luke was able to find it again.
Oliver and I played a little ball.
 We also went to visit my Dad's grave. I loved seeing all the decorated graves and all the people that were out.
One of the main reasons we stayed home was because we are in the thick of our in vitro process and I was very uncomfortable. We visited with the Dr. early Monday morning and everything looked great so far. 
 Next up, summer!


Luke turned 31 this year. Last year was a pretty big deal, but this year we didn't go all out and I think he was okay with that...and so was I. Oliver and I made Luke a pretty awesome birthday card (thanks pinterest). Oliver was pretty adamant that he write "Happy Birthday" all by himself on the card and I think he did a pretty good job.
We got him some books, Guarana, and a Modest Mouse hoodie that he had been wanting for a while.
Since it was Grandma Holly night, we were able to go to Training Table with Trent and Amy, Cade and Emily. It was delicious. 
 Following dinner, we went to REI. We made ourselves comfortable and hung out there for a while.

And finally went to Nielson's Frozen Custard for dessert. It was awesome.
Happy Birthday, Luke. Love you!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Lagoon Season Pass

This was Oliver's face when we told him that we were on our way to Lagoon or as he calls it "Magoon"
 We checked in and got our pictures taken and our season passports.

Got stamped. 
And made a bee line to the merry go round. This was Oliver's favorite ride of the day.
 He also enjoyed the kiddie rides and we sort of made him go on the tidal wave. He was loving it at first and even putting his arms up, that is, until we kept going higher and higher.

Since it was such a nice day and still sunny and warm out, we hit up the water rides. Oliver did not want to get wet so we had to somewhat protect him from the water which soaked us.
We even made friends with some kids. It was DARE day so kids were everywhere. 

Our favorite was watching O at the bumper cars and taking him through the haunted house. He was brave at first, but then put his head in my lap and closed his eyes. 
We left after a couple of hours and it was perfect. We got some cotton candy and headed home. 
I'm loving that we have season passes so far and can't wait to go again. 

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Last Day of Preschool

Today was Oliver's last day of preschool. He did not want to take a picture, but Mrs. Eggett being as awesome as she is asked Oliver to hold the gift out to her and we were able to get a picture of him and his teacher that way. I am glad that Oliver will be going to her one more year. He loves going to pre-school and if I can keep my child loving school, I'm going to go with it.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Knock Knock.

Luke and I had been toying with the idea to do something to our front door. Whether that meant painting the one we had, changing our screen door or just getting a whole new front door. We decided that it would be better to buy a whole new door. This door was original to the house and let's just say that it more of a closet door than a front door door.
 After spending half the morning finding a door that didn't have dents or scratches, Luke was able to work on it. It took all day, but so worth it in the end. We even had help from Bob and Mark (I tell ya, best neighborhood around).
We got the front door in and I loved the way it looked. I even wondered if I should paint it the color that we had already picked because the white looked great. 

Yesterday after taking such a long time to tape, I finally painted.
 And I love the results. I think Oliver did too.
 It's amazing how big of a difference even a door and some paint can make. We joke that we are no longer bringing the neighborhood down now that we have a little landscaping, a weedless garden and a new door. We just need to work on our grass and we'll be okay.
Thank you, Luke. Best Mother's Day present. 

Monday, May 20, 2013

Weekend Review

Friday I went out with my sisters to dinner. I was nice to just sit down and talk without any kids and even husbands.

Started watching Dexter season 7.

Saturday I took Oliver to soccer while Luke worked on our front door. No one on Oliver's team showed up. Someone had told them that it was cancelled but when I spoke to someone that worked for the rec center, he said that no games were cancelled. Another coach heard and was nice enough to let O play on their team. Might as well if we're already there.


We went to Sloan's 1st birthday party. It was super nice and again we are lucky to that we have such great neighbors.

On Sunday we had dinner at my moms house. Luke requested Carne Asada and it was a delicious dinner. Taleesha had made him his favorite rainbow chip cake. We sang to him (Baker style) And before he could even "fight" us on taking a bite...

Jonny got him with a smash cake that Taleesha had secretly made. Luke has always been such a great sport about this. Today wasn't any different.
And I will leave you with this special treat. Someone asked if this is still funny to us. Yes, as you can see in this video it apparently is.

Friday, May 17, 2013

What's up?

There has been so much going on in our world these days and things are going great. To get a closer look into our world, here's what's up with us.
Luke has been spending a lot of time working in our yard and I love it. He created a beautiful veggie garden last Saturday and has been baby-ing it ever since. We have a few projects up our sleeves and hope to have them completed soon. (new front doors, new bathroom). Luke has been spending a lot of time with us which we all love. He actually gets home from work at a decent time and we get to spend the evening together. We love going on walks in the evenings and visiting with our neighbors. He is turning 31 on the 23rd and we are excited to celebrate his birthday. Luke continues to serve as a 1st counselor in the Elders Quorum (2 years this August). He is always quick to help someone in need when they are moving in/out or when other needs arise. He is a good one.  
Oliver continues to be such a funny kid. He is obsessed with his butt...and other peoples. He likes to shake his little bum and stick it out. He has even mooned us a couple of times but we got after him for that one. Anything that he sees that might look like a butt is so funny to him. He is currently growing his hair out, playing soccer, collecting stars for his magnet board to which he can earn money. He loves playing with the bugs that we find in the yard (snails, potato bugs, worms and grass hoppers), He is so snugly and likes to cuddle especially in the mornings. He loves watching movies and his current favorite movie is Tron.  Oliver still doesn't love going to church, but he has been doing a lot better. He has a great imagination and Luke and I love hearing him play with his guys or bugs and create a whole new world for them. Every now and then he will break out in song and I love his little raspy voice.  He surprises us every day with his insights and ideas. We absolutely love this age.
I am still working at BHS. There are only 15 more days of school left and I couldn't be happier. For some reason, it has felt like a long school year. I'm ready for summer. We are in the process of doing In-Vitro and so injections, medication and doctor appointments are frequent, but I am very happy about it. Per Doctors orders, I cannot drink caffeine (coke) anymore (total bummer) and can only exercise no more than a brisk walk. I have also really enjoyed working in our yard this year. I am hoping to kill all the dang dandelions in our grass and hoping not to pull too many weeds in our flower beds and vegetable garden this summer. I have been loving reading and of course watching my shows (too many to list) when I have some free time. I am still serving as a primary chorister and I am learning to like it. Those primary kids are so sweet and I am thoroughly entertained every Sunday.
Life is treating us all well and we hope to continue on this path of happiness.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Now a days with Instagram, it can be so hard to keep up on your blog because really who wants to post every little thing they post on Instagram? I would because I love looking back on the everyday things, but I just don't have the energy or make the time for it. So, here is my instagram post for the week.
On the 7th, some of the neighborhood girls got together to go to dinner for Mine and Melissa's birthday. We went to Trio which was good and very lady-some.
 The following night, Karen took Me and Lindsay to Em's for dinner for our birthday's. Very lady-some and we were joking that I'm too ghetto to eat at such a fine establishment. I'm more of a burger and fast foodie, but {most of it} was delicious.
At school I had to park over by those dang teenagers because said teenagers took all the teachers parking spots. I came out to find "Savage B****" and "suck ****" written with their dirty little fingers on my car. Best part was that I was driving around town with that before Luke asked what it was all about. Thanks High schoolers. Thanks.

 Oliver has been studying hard at Grandma Lilies. He hates it, but he is getting super smart and I love Grandma Lilie and Oliver for it.
 This past weekend Oliver scored a goal in his soccer game. We were so excited and Oliver said that he scored a goal because he hadn't before. No biggie.
This is him holding up one finger...sort of.
The weather has been so nice and we love being able to go on walks in the evening and stop along the way to talk to our neighbors...and tackle them.

 Mother's day was so nice. I love Oliver and I love Luke. I am also grateful to our own mothers and all the mothers that are examples to me.
And there you have it. 

Monday, May 6, 2013

I'm 30!

This morning I woke up a little earlier than I have been on Saturday mornings. My house was very quiet and I got ready in silence thinking "today I am officially 30. Wow how did that sneak up on me." I was reflecting on my life, thinking about the past 10 years and how good it really has been. I knew today would be pretty perfect.

My siste signed up for this 5K she had heard about and I deiced to run it with her that morning. As we were waiting to start the race and I was moved to tears by the amount of support and money that was given to help with chromosome 18 awareness. The family that had put on this 5k did it for their son who was affected by this 7 years ago. They didn't expect him to live a single day. What a miracle.
Today we were running in memory of Sunnie Ray whom we lost far too early.
The race was perfect. Kat and I ran together the whole time and it went by so fast. We finished under 9:30 which I was totally surprised with since I hadn't ran in weeks.
When I got home, My family was awake and surprised me with such nice gifts. Luke bought me this University of Utah hoodie and a new camera strap. Oliver randomly pulled things out of his room to give me. Such thoughtful guys. After gifts, we got Oliver ready and headed out to his soccer game where he played so well.

I told Luke that as a combined birthday and Mothers Day gift, I wanted to redo our front flower beds. So we worked on it for about 4 hours. It was hard work since we had to dig out trenches, put in the railroad ties and carry out barrels of dirt. Luke threw his back out an hour in and made me do some heavy lifting, but he still worked hard to get me my flower beds.

That night to celebrate Luke graduating and my birthday, we went out to dinner at The Old Spaghetti Factory with the adults on my side of the family...minus Jonny and Taleesha. The food was so good that night as well as the conversation.
Too bad we have issues taking a good picture though...
And it wouldn't be my birthday without going to some sort of Super Hero movie. This year, it was Iron Man 3. I actually loved it, but really, why can't these movies come out around Luke's birthday.
When we sat down, we looked over and we couldn't believe that the Capon's were sitting right next to us. We love these guys so it was fun to "hang out" with them.
The following day I had dinner at my moms house. I had requested carrot cake and they were nice to buy one for me.
After the traditional Baker rendition of "Happy Birthday", I got cake smashed in my face. The kids LOVE doing this and I'm happy to oblige them.
 As always, I was spoiled by everyone on my special day and I am surprised every year by those that actually remember and go out of their way to send me well wishes.
This video in particular was my favorite.  
In case you cant tell they say "It's. The. Big. 3. 0. Happy Birthday, Kim!"
Thank you all. Here's to making it to my 30's!