Friday, May 17, 2013

What's up?

There has been so much going on in our world these days and things are going great. To get a closer look into our world, here's what's up with us.
Luke has been spending a lot of time working in our yard and I love it. He created a beautiful veggie garden last Saturday and has been baby-ing it ever since. We have a few projects up our sleeves and hope to have them completed soon. (new front doors, new bathroom). Luke has been spending a lot of time with us which we all love. He actually gets home from work at a decent time and we get to spend the evening together. We love going on walks in the evenings and visiting with our neighbors. He is turning 31 on the 23rd and we are excited to celebrate his birthday. Luke continues to serve as a 1st counselor in the Elders Quorum (2 years this August). He is always quick to help someone in need when they are moving in/out or when other needs arise. He is a good one.  
Oliver continues to be such a funny kid. He is obsessed with his butt...and other peoples. He likes to shake his little bum and stick it out. He has even mooned us a couple of times but we got after him for that one. Anything that he sees that might look like a butt is so funny to him. He is currently growing his hair out, playing soccer, collecting stars for his magnet board to which he can earn money. He loves playing with the bugs that we find in the yard (snails, potato bugs, worms and grass hoppers), He is so snugly and likes to cuddle especially in the mornings. He loves watching movies and his current favorite movie is Tron.  Oliver still doesn't love going to church, but he has been doing a lot better. He has a great imagination and Luke and I love hearing him play with his guys or bugs and create a whole new world for them. Every now and then he will break out in song and I love his little raspy voice.  He surprises us every day with his insights and ideas. We absolutely love this age.
I am still working at BHS. There are only 15 more days of school left and I couldn't be happier. For some reason, it has felt like a long school year. I'm ready for summer. We are in the process of doing In-Vitro and so injections, medication and doctor appointments are frequent, but I am very happy about it. Per Doctors orders, I cannot drink caffeine (coke) anymore (total bummer) and can only exercise no more than a brisk walk. I have also really enjoyed working in our yard this year. I am hoping to kill all the dang dandelions in our grass and hoping not to pull too many weeds in our flower beds and vegetable garden this summer. I have been loving reading and of course watching my shows (too many to list) when I have some free time. I am still serving as a primary chorister and I am learning to like it. Those primary kids are so sweet and I am thoroughly entertained every Sunday.
Life is treating us all well and we hope to continue on this path of happiness.


Marco y Haydee said...

When I read about your dandelions I remembered some friends who had a whole yard full of them, so they decided to harvest them and use them in salads. As soon as they got use to the idea, and actually started to enjoy there salads with dandelions, no more dandelions. They stopped growing in the yard. When you don't want them they are hard to get rid of, and as soon as you find a good use for them they disappear. =) Good luck!

AJ and Cindy said...

I got chills reading about your IVF treatment. We are so happy for you, and have included you in our fasts and prayers! <3 Keep us posted!