Friday, May 31, 2013

Memorial Weekend Review

 We decided to stay home this weekend which was very nice. For starters, some Icee's. Gotta love Walgreen's.

I hate the wind, but it was a perfect day to go fly a kite. Luke was those most excited about this. I love him for still having that little kid in him.

 The kite string ended up breaking and away the kite went, but Luke was able to find it again.
Oliver and I played a little ball.
 We also went to visit my Dad's grave. I loved seeing all the decorated graves and all the people that were out.
One of the main reasons we stayed home was because we are in the thick of our in vitro process and I was very uncomfortable. We visited with the Dr. early Monday morning and everything looked great so far. 
 Next up, summer!


jodie said...

I never, ever comment, but always love reading your updates. Two things - #1. Icees are the best. I'm craving a cherry one right now thanks to you. #2. Praying that your in vitro process goes well and that good things come of it. For reals...I pray for you guys often. We love you and miss you!

Mindy said...

Amy is enjoying that way too much. ;)