Saturday, May 4, 2013


I just have to start out by saying that I have the best friends around. Really.
Thursday night, Amy had planned for her and I to go out to Crown of my faves! It might have been because I was whined to her about how I wasn't doing anything for my big 30. Being as awesome as she is, she planned all of this. 
We showed up to Crown and she was acting a little weird. She was driving really slow on the freeway, took a long time in the bathroom and also took a while ordering. As we were ordering, I felt someone standing really close to me. I turned to look and there was Megs face and then I looked around and saw all my book club friends. Totally surprised!
I even got fun gifts. Such generous and good people. 

I Love this group so much and I am so thankful to know every single one of them.
 Following our dinner, Amy took me to Nordstrom to buy me a birthday gift. We were excited that Ginger could join us too. She bought me the cutest Toms that should be arriving in the mail.

Seriously, best surprise night ever. Love you all!


Margaret Capson said...

You are so cute! We all love you too! It's awesome having you in our group!!!

AJ and Cindy said...

You look so cute in these pictures! It was fun to visit with you later that night :)