Monday, May 20, 2013

Weekend Review

Friday I went out with my sisters to dinner. I was nice to just sit down and talk without any kids and even husbands.

Started watching Dexter season 7.

Saturday I took Oliver to soccer while Luke worked on our front door. No one on Oliver's team showed up. Someone had told them that it was cancelled but when I spoke to someone that worked for the rec center, he said that no games were cancelled. Another coach heard and was nice enough to let O play on their team. Might as well if we're already there.


We went to Sloan's 1st birthday party. It was super nice and again we are lucky to that we have such great neighbors.

On Sunday we had dinner at my moms house. Luke requested Carne Asada and it was a delicious dinner. Taleesha had made him his favorite rainbow chip cake. We sang to him (Baker style) And before he could even "fight" us on taking a bite...

Jonny got him with a smash cake that Taleesha had secretly made. Luke has always been such a great sport about this. Today wasn't any different.
And I will leave you with this special treat. Someone asked if this is still funny to us. Yes, as you can see in this video it apparently is.


Brett And Tiffani said...

you guys are hilarious! So funny!