Friday, May 3, 2013


The day is here. Graduation. Luke looked awesome and I was a very happy{dare I even say proud} wife. The ceremony was long and I thought it was so funny how everyone waved at their graduates as they spotted them coming in (reminded me of a primary program) Cade, kept us entertained and we loved spotting our graduate.
 It was a long ceremony and it's safe to say we were pretty bored. Holly even started reading her scriptures. Amy and I tried to take pictures of us looking bored and Cade kept sending us the funniest texts.

I loved taking pictures of Luke all dressed up in his cap and gown. 

 Love this man.

Rodizio Grill. As always, we miss those that weren't able to join us.
A few things we don't want to forget...
-Luke found his friend, Terrel who also graduated
-All Amy wanted to try was the Winder Wonderland at Rodizio. She saw it on their billboard. The waiter was nice enough to make it just for her.
-Cade would not stop hugging my mom when he saw her.
-Gimley the red-headed-long-bearded-graduate
-Luke wanting us to boo for him when they read his name instead of cheer

Congratulations, Luke! I am so happy for you. All those long nights of studying late, being away from your family, missing special events, sacrificing your time and money has finally paid off. You are such a great example to me and especially to Oliver. We love love love you and thank you for all your hard work.  You're done!