Monday, May 6, 2013

I'm 30!

This morning I woke up a little earlier than I have been on Saturday mornings. My house was very quiet and I got ready in silence thinking "today I am officially 30. Wow how did that sneak up on me." I was reflecting on my life, thinking about the past 10 years and how good it really has been. I knew today would be pretty perfect.

My siste signed up for this 5K she had heard about and I deiced to run it with her that morning. As we were waiting to start the race and I was moved to tears by the amount of support and money that was given to help with chromosome 18 awareness. The family that had put on this 5k did it for their son who was affected by this 7 years ago. They didn't expect him to live a single day. What a miracle.
Today we were running in memory of Sunnie Ray whom we lost far too early.
The race was perfect. Kat and I ran together the whole time and it went by so fast. We finished under 9:30 which I was totally surprised with since I hadn't ran in weeks.
When I got home, My family was awake and surprised me with such nice gifts. Luke bought me this University of Utah hoodie and a new camera strap. Oliver randomly pulled things out of his room to give me. Such thoughtful guys. After gifts, we got Oliver ready and headed out to his soccer game where he played so well.

I told Luke that as a combined birthday and Mothers Day gift, I wanted to redo our front flower beds. So we worked on it for about 4 hours. It was hard work since we had to dig out trenches, put in the railroad ties and carry out barrels of dirt. Luke threw his back out an hour in and made me do some heavy lifting, but he still worked hard to get me my flower beds.

That night to celebrate Luke graduating and my birthday, we went out to dinner at The Old Spaghetti Factory with the adults on my side of the family...minus Jonny and Taleesha. The food was so good that night as well as the conversation.
Too bad we have issues taking a good picture though...
And it wouldn't be my birthday without going to some sort of Super Hero movie. This year, it was Iron Man 3. I actually loved it, but really, why can't these movies come out around Luke's birthday.
When we sat down, we looked over and we couldn't believe that the Capon's were sitting right next to us. We love these guys so it was fun to "hang out" with them.
The following day I had dinner at my moms house. I had requested carrot cake and they were nice to buy one for me.
After the traditional Baker rendition of "Happy Birthday", I got cake smashed in my face. The kids LOVE doing this and I'm happy to oblige them.
 As always, I was spoiled by everyone on my special day and I am surprised every year by those that actually remember and go out of their way to send me well wishes.
This video in particular was my favorite.  
In case you cant tell they say "It's. The. Big. 3. 0. Happy Birthday, Kim!"
Thank you all. Here's to making it to my 30's!


Mindy said...

That video is awe.some. You look gorgeous.