Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Now a days with Instagram, it can be so hard to keep up on your blog because really who wants to post every little thing they post on Instagram? I would because I love looking back on the everyday things, but I just don't have the energy or make the time for it. So, here is my instagram post for the week.
On the 7th, some of the neighborhood girls got together to go to dinner for Mine and Melissa's birthday. We went to Trio which was good and very lady-some.
 The following night, Karen took Me and Lindsay to Em's for dinner for our birthday's. Very lady-some and we were joking that I'm too ghetto to eat at such a fine establishment. I'm more of a burger and fast foodie, but {most of it} was delicious.
At school I had to park over by those dang teenagers because said teenagers took all the teachers parking spots. I came out to find "Savage B****" and "suck ****" written with their dirty little fingers on my car. Best part was that I was driving around town with that before Luke asked what it was all about. Thanks High schoolers. Thanks.

 Oliver has been studying hard at Grandma Lilies. He hates it, but he is getting super smart and I love Grandma Lilie and Oliver for it.
 This past weekend Oliver scored a goal in his soccer game. We were so excited and Oliver said that he scored a goal because he hadn't before. No biggie.
This is him holding up one finger...sort of.
The weather has been so nice and we love being able to go on walks in the evening and stop along the way to talk to our neighbors...and tackle them.

 Mother's day was so nice. I love Oliver and I love Luke. I am also grateful to our own mothers and all the mothers that are examples to me.
And there you have it.