Tuesday, December 30, 2014

11 Months!

These two are 11 months and they are so much fun. They are starting to get busier and busier and it is so much fun. They are both getting really attached to me and will cry every now and then when they see me leave the room. They always want to be crawling all over me and be loved by me. I for one, do not complain about that. watching them together is so sweet. They steal toys out of each others hands, crawl over, scratch all over, look for one another, and love each other so much. I hope and pray that their relationship will only get stronger as they get older. They have such a sweet bond and I love seeing their interactions with each other.

Briony. Bee. Sweet Bee. Miss Bee. Lady. Queen Bee.
Oh how I love this girl. This past month she has turned into the sweetest girl. She will always be a spitfire, but this month, her sweet side has really shined through. She suddenly loves to smile at people and show off her amazing teeth. I love that she has big goofy spaced teeth. She is a gabber and will sit there and chat away mixed in with some squealing and screaming. She has turned into our happy child that is content rolling and (Army) crawling all around. She is so smart and has even found a way to break through the barricade that we have set up for them in the living room. Nothing will stop her. She still sleeps with a mouthful of blanket. Is getting better at eating solid foods, but when she sees her bottle, watch out! She will kick and scream until she gets her bottle. She weighs 20.10lbs and has 8 teeth and 4 molars popping through. She is in a size 5 diaper and sleeps amazingly. Bath time is her favorite and loves to kick her feet in the water. She loves being sung to and her song is "I often go Walking". She really is just the sweetest thing at this age. I love her so so much.
Milo. Milo Man. Mr. Milo. Big Bum. Milosh.  
Milo has suddenly turned into our mover. Before he was just happy laying on the ground with a toy. Not any more. He has learned to pull himself up into the standing position. So much so, that he actually fell out of the crib once. We quickly lowered the mattress and now I can find him standing in his crib every morning. He gets to excited to love on you that he will claw or pinch your face. He is still so sweet but this past moth has been a bit rough for him with his molars coming in. He has 8 teeth and 2-3 molars coming in. His hair is amazing. He loves to be tickled and sung to. Oliver is still his favorite and it seems that big brother could do no wrong even when Oliver is "wrestling" with him. Milo army crawls around everywhere and loved to just rock on his hands and knees but not use his knees for crawling. He is liking the idea of solid foods but doesn't put those teeth to use and never seems to chew his food causing him to gag and puke. Suddenly he loves a binky at night when he sleeps. We thought we would give it to him as a toy and now he's totally in love with it. He also loves bath time and will splash the hardest. He weighs 24.10lbs and wears a size 5-6 diaper. He sleeps so well and I have caught him on occasion sleeping with his bum in the air. So cute! He has the best squishiest cheeks ever. His favorite song is "My Little Buttercup" and there is a guaranteed smile from him every time I sing that song. We are so blessed to have him and I love that chunk with as much love and I know to give.  


Felicia H. said...

They are so big, I love seeing pictures of them.