Thursday, December 4, 2014

Chirstmas Kickoff!

Christmas is on! 
We have a strict rule in our house that we cannot do anything Christmasy until after Thanksgiving. This year we made a tiny exception. We listed to Christmas music, but only because we couldn't believe it was already "That time of year" and so to get ready for the feel of the Holidays, we listened to the music. BUT only in the car so it's not like we completely broke that rule...right?

So, Luke and Oliver set up the lights the Friday after Thanksgiving and we waited until it got dark enough (dang LED lights), to go out and flip the switch. I joked that this was our Temple Square flipping of the switch. And there you have it. Our dim red LED lights. Love it!
On Sunday we had our "Thanksgiving" meal with my side of the family. It was delicious. I even made home made rolls for the first time in my life AND sweet potatoes. They both turned out pretty okay if I may say so myself.  Following the dinner, We set up my moms tree....and by we I mean, Kenzie, Ashlyn and I. Luke and Johnny directed us on where to put what and brought the boxes out. I think her tree turned out pretty cute (my outfit, not so much...Don't ask) and my mom was especially grateful to not have to do all that work on her own and by herself. 

 Grandma sure loves her grand babies.

Luke and I had been trying to go the Old Spaghetti Factory all weekend long, but other things got in the way. Finally on Monday we were able to break away and go out for dinner. Oliver likes going there and Briony and Milo especially liked it. They tried spumoni for the first time and Milo was enjoying sharing my meal with me. 

 We walked around many of the shops and enjoyed looking at all the Christmas decorations. Too bad Santa wasn't there. We'll have to make another special trip to see him. I've heard he's good. 

 That night we figured that since we were in the Christmas spirit, we would stay up a little later than usual and set up the rest of our Christmas decorations. Luke put on the fire (via Netflix. Thank you Netflix) and we rocked out to some Christmas tunes and trimmed the tree. 
 With Dad's help, Oliver, Briony and Milo put the star on top of the tree and with that, we were officially Christmas ready.