Monday, March 23, 2009

Spring Break

For Spring Break this year we decided to head down to St. George. We invited some friends, packed up, and away we went. Our plans were to relax and enjoy the nice weather, eat some good food, go hiking in Zions and hang out at the house.

Here we are at the end of a short hike. The weather was perfect this day and it was nice to be in the sun and not be cold.

These are pictures taken while were hiking. The best trail of the day was hidden canyon. It was a Little scary having to hike on the ledge of a cliff with Oliver on Lukes back and holding onto chains, but it was fun and Luke and Oliver did really well.

My favorite picture of the whole trip. I love these boys SO much.

Our little family experiencing our first time in the outdoors with Oliver. It went great!

We also did some shopping and tons of eating. Oliver got a bit tired, but still was an awesome baby!

Our friends. We were glad that Cami and Frank were able to go down with us. They had never been to Zions so it was fun to be able to take them them for their first time. We'll have to do it again soon.


Amy said...

I am glad you guys had fun! I love Oliver's back pack and hat! Can't wait to hear about stuff you bought!

Jake and Becky Veigel Family said...

That baby pack is sweet. From Amy's message it sounds like she is shopping vicariously through you guys. Glad you had fun.

Karina said...

oh Oliver is such a good little baby!!! I love that back pack, that is awesome!!! I cant wait to take little Kamryn on a hike... I think she would love it!

Felicia H. said...

That looks like so much fun!!!

clay and jordan said...

How fun. And it looks so warm!! It's so nice to get away every once in a while, isn't it? Oh and that pic of Oliver and Luke is precious!!