Friday, March 27, 2009


Once again it's time for the Girls Night Out post! We had another successful and fun time with good company, yummy desserts, and great steals! GNO has quickly become one of my favorite nights to look forward to. We always have so much fun laughing and bidding over stuff and simply just hanging out with one another.

(from left to right: Part of Audry's back, Emily, Jenny, Karina, Me, Charity, Wendy and Half of Julie. Sorry some of you got cut out of the pic) Look how bright, beautiful, and happy everyone looks! Being in the company of these women is such a treat!

Here I am selling a shirt that I got from my sister in law, who got it from one of her sister in laws. These things get passed around so much. I love it!

Wendy, selling her crab puppet! As always, we have such a huge variety of items to buy from.

The totals sheet. This is how we kept track of every ones spending...although at times, I should have been paying more attention so that I didn't have to bug everyone in asking how much they got their items for...sorry ladies.

One of the highlights at this girls night out, was that we got to take a picture with Brooke Walker from Studio 5! She thought our Girls Night Out idea would make a great story, so she came out and shot us having fun selling our junk in the nickel auction! If all goes well, they should be airing our story sometime next week!

Of course, this post wouldn't be complete without showing you something that I got. My favorite item of the night were these earrings. I LOVE them and I love that I only paid 2 dollars for them! How cute are they???

A big Thank You to all our hubbies for letting us go out KID-LESS! And for putting up with us coming home with loads of stuff!


Amy said...

Hey, I think I should get 25% commission from that shirt!!! Cute earings and so cool that they will be doing a story on you!

Julie said...

We do look great! I cannot wait for next time...

Felicia H. said...

Looks like fun, let us know when they will be showing the story on your gno

Karina said...

thanks so much for inviting me to this. I had so much fun and am so happy with what I got!

Maeve said...

i am so jealous you and brooke were at the same girls night! i think i told you i was a producer for studio 5 before i got married right? anyway, i am planning on stealing your girls night idea for our girls nights out here.