Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Iron Man

Kimmy, Cade, and I went and saw Iron Man on Saturday for my birthday it was so much fun. Friday night was like Christmas Eve and I couldn't wait I was so excited! The movie was so awesome! It is one of my favorate superhero movies now. For those of you who haven't seen it yet you need to stay past the credits to see a little teaser clip. The next movie to come out is The Incredible Hulk so I will see if I can talk Kimmy into seeing that with me as well. This summer is full of good movies! AWESOME!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Our Garden

This past weekend Luke and I were finally able to plant our garden. After 4 hours in the hot sun, digging 10 trenches, planting 40 tomato plants, peppers, chilies, jalapenos, cucumbers, melons, pumpkins and zucchini, we were exhausted...and had nice sun burns to prove it!!

Monday, May 12, 2008

The premiere of baby!

A couple of weeks ago we went and got our ultrasound. It was so unreal to see a baby growing inside of me. They gave us 8 print outs and a DVD of the ultrasound. Here is a sample of one of our favorite parts of the video where the baby yawns (just so you know what to look for) ENJOY!!

Half way there

Well, I know that I have been really bad at this whole blogging thing so here is the update on the first half of my pregnancy. This is day number 142 and I'm 20 weeks pregnant! I have 138 days or 20 weeks left, and are 50.7% of the way there. Baby's age is 128 days or 18 weeks.

This is the latest picture. I'm between 18 and 19 weeks here. These weeks were the best yet becasue I was no longer puking and I could finally eat meat again.

This was between 15 & 16 weeks. People other then me and Luke could finally tell that there was something there other then just a flabby belly.

This was at about 13 & 14 weeks. I was trying really hard to not look so sick, but it was inevitable. This particular night my belly was sticking out more then ever before so I had to take bare belly shots.

This was taken between 11 & 12 weeks. We had just told everyone about our good news so I was really happy to not have to keep it a secret any longer.

This was soon after we had found out that we were pregnant. We hadn't told anyone yet and we were just so excited to start taking side shots. I'm at about 7 weeks here and very sick.

*notice how all my pictures are close to the bathroom just in case a had to barf.