Sunday, February 22, 2009

What a...



Had the Jensen's over for a sleepover. Ate Pizza. Made brownies. Watched movies. Played ping-pong. Made funny faces. Played the guitar. Had fun!


Went to a Tate's birthday party. Ate yummy homemade pizza. Played Wii. Hung out with friends and family. Ate cake and ice cream. Watch Tayten open presents. Had fun!


Didn't have any pictures to document 2 sick boys and 1 busy me.

Other then Luke and Oliver getting sick, it was a really fun weekend!


Julie said...

I hope you didn't sleep on the floor also!

I have got to tell you about Big Daddy's Pizza, same price as little caesars, tons tastier!

you are the nicest to watch kids overnight! Oliver doesn't know how cool you are.

Jake and Becky Veigel Family said...

Sounded fun.

I like the previous post I like number 30

Amy said...

I love the collage of FUN! My kids are lucky to have an Aunt (& Uncle) as fun as you! We had such a nice night off, well, half off I guess!

Amy said...

Ha. I just noticed Oakley's little head poking up in the ping pong picture. So funny!