Monday, September 21, 2009

A much needed cut

Oh Oliver. He has the funniest hair that I like to blame Luke for. It seriously stands straight up making his head look even bigger. We have been testing out the growth of his hair to see if it will get any better, but no, it hasn't gotten better...infact, it looks worse the longer it gets. So, we made the decision to shave it all off...

He's so happy to be in his bumbo, ready for a haircut.

The happiness has worn off and now he's just sitting still wondering what that buzzing and vibrating is.


Olivers happy to be done, Luke's happy that he doesn't have to take any more pictures, and I'm happy that my boy looks so good with his buzzed head.


Stacey said...

He looks so handsome! I can't believe he sat so still. What a good boy.

Amy said...

I LOVE his haircut. He looks so cute!

Karina said...

haha, so funny.... our husbands should be used to the whole picture taking thing by now!!! oliver looks so cute with his haircut!

The Baker Family said...

He looks so cute!!! I love his buzzed head. And I love Luke's view up his shorts in the first picture! hahaha