Thursday, October 22, 2009

This is officially a masacre...a rat masacre.

And this makes 4!
Location: North side of the compost at around 1700 hours.

The victim: Templeton number 4.

Again, getting ready to eat dinner...I guess the rats had the same idea. I saw the dark furry thing running back and forth to stock up on the rest of the cherry tomatoes that had been left out. Bad idea, rat. Don't you know that nearly your entire family has been picked off from doing this..apparently their absence doesn't mean much to you. I pumped the gun, snuck out the front and around the corner. Threw out a nice fat red rotten tomato to lure my pray on over and I waited...again. Sure enough, a few minutes later it casually walked out and made it's way over to my trap. I didn't know if it was going to hang around and I didn't want to sit outside much longer. I was getting hungry and I didn't want my dinner to overcook. So I shot and hit it right in the head as you can see in the picture below. I guess I'm good at hitting my targets in the neck and head, since that's where I've gotten every single one of those nasty little [and some not so little] things. This one was a fighter. It jumped up in the air and wiggled and squirmed all over the place. I was trying to shoot it again to put it out but it wasn't giving up so easy. It took me about 3 more shots to finally hit it and then he was gone. Tear...of gladness! If I'm not mistaken, I believe there is still one more. Hopefully not, but I'm not giving the Templeton's the benefit of the doubt.

The eyes started to go grey right away. It was pretty gross to say the least.

P.S. I sware I'm not white trash...just trying to protect my property. Is that so bad???


Amy said...

Good work Kimmy! You are an amazing shot! You will have to add another dash to the Templeton tombstone!

Julie W said...

I love your graveyard out front. It is totally going to scare my kids!
White Trash? Not in my neighborhood!

The Baker Family said...

GROSS... I'm actually kind of starting to feel bad for the poor little rats. And every time I read your killing spree posts, I think of all the animal lovers out there who are in rage with you by now!!! hahaha I am NOT an animal lover by any means, but I don't think I could shoot a rat. I get sad when we catch mice in the mouse traps in the garage!!! I'm a baby for God's creatures, I guess!!!

Kamee said...

Kill 'em all Kimmy! You rule. I also am not a animal lover but I can't know what Jim does if he finds any. I could shoot them, I just could clean them up, even with a shovel. I love how brave you are, and Oliver will love it to when he is older and tells all of his friends about the time that his mom killed the rats.

Mandolyn said...

You are my hero! Way to show those rats who is boss in your territory!