Sunday, March 18, 2012

Lucky Us!

This year for St. Patricks day, we were going to be spending the weekend up at the Jensen's house with all the kids while their parents were away. Oliver was very excited because he was going to get extra help getting ready for St. Patricks Day. After dinner we gathered as many supplies as we could to start making our Leprechaun trap. All the kids were so excited. We all took turns telling each other our ideas on how we could trap this little guy.
The kids did an awesome job putting their trap together. They decorated the box with green and gold paper because that's the colors that the Leprechaun's wear. Then they gathered anything that was gold in the house to use as bait for the Leprechaun. We tied some sparkly gold string to the stick that was propping the box up. The plan was to lure the Leprechaun in with the gold and so when he goes to grab it, the box would fall on top of him. This was going to work!

Before going to bed we got to have a special treat. Play dough ice cream because it had most of the colors of the rainbow. Every single kid loved it!
 We all went to bed that night hoping that when we awoke, there would be a cute green little  Leprechaun trapped under the box and we would have all the gold in the world.

We woke up in the morning to find this...
A rainbow doorway and a trail of gold from every room leading to our treasures.

We got to the end of the trail and on the counter where we left the box was a trail of tiny green footprints. The box was on it's side so we didn't catch the Leprechaun, but he did leave some of his gold behind and a note for all the kids that told them to go find more treasures in Trent and Amy's room.
We also found out that the Leprechaun's name was Lenny
We decided to have some Lucky Charms for breakfast to celebrate. When we went to get the milk, It was GREEN! We think Lenny the Leprechaun may have gotten thirsty and had a drink of milk which made all the milk turn green.
Luckily, it still tasted the same, but Morgan didn't want anything to do with it so she had the regular untouched milk.

We also found out that he must have had to go to the bathroom because the water in the toilet was green...we think it was his pee and maybe he forgot to flush. For the rest of the day, the kids were checking the color of their pee to see if the milk may have made them pee green too.  
The rest of the day was spent going to the park, watching Zoo Keeper, Playing find the trail with all the gold coins, having lunch, playing St. Patricks Day bingo and making sure none of us got pinched, but of course looking for others to pinch.
We really are lucky to have spent St. P day with all these kids. We have never had a St. Patricks day quite like this with all these activities. I'm thinking this could be one to look forward too every single year.
Next year, we're going to catch that man with all the gold...


Mindy said...

You are like the coolest mom and aunt on the planet.

Amy said...

Can i just steal this whole post? It will save me loads of time.

You are the coolest Aunt ever.