Monday, November 4, 2013

5 year stats...2 Months later.

We finally were able to get in to see Oliver's doctor for his five year check up. All weekend we had to prep him and talk to him about what the doctor was going to check and why AND that he had to get his shots. He was okay with all the check up information, but not the shots. We told him that it was important so that he could be ready for Kindergarten next year. That wasn't cutting it, so we proceeded to tell him that he needed to get shots so that he could hold the babies when they are born. He seemed more open to that idea, but was still pretty upset that he had to do it.
The morning of, I was worried that he was going to go kicking and screaming, but luckily he was super happy and excited about being at the doctors office. They checked his eyesight (which had me chuckling a little as he described the pictures on the eyesight board), they checked his whole body and then came the shots. Ever since he got his first shots as a new born, I have always gotten nervous and hot and sweaty right before they do it. I just hate seeing my boy in pain.. as weak of me as that sounds. The doctor told him to pretend to blow out a candle when they give him the shot and Oliver did just that. I held his hands and reminded him about the candles as they gave him 2 shots. The first one hurt him a little but he was so brave and didn't even cry. I was so proud of him for doing such a good job.  Later that night he was walking around with a limp and had a killer welt on his thigh. Thankfully the warn corn bag helped him feel better and he is doing just fine.

Oliver weighs 44lbs and measures 44 inches tall which puts him at about 60% for his age. He is growing great and developing right on track.

Sure do love this boy of mine.