Thursday, October 30, 2014


Season passes to Lagoon have been the best Christmas gift for the past two years. Our favorite part about it has got to be hands down, Frightmares. I love that fresh excitement that you get when fall first hits and seeing hay bales and pumpkins and all things scary and harvest. I love it. We also love that we get to enjoy the rides in the cool weather and not in the blazing heat. If I could just buy a frightmares season pass, I would. 

They have the best decorations and I think they just keep getting better and better. 
 Me and the twins mostly hung out, 

 while Oliver and Luke went on the rides.

 My most favorite part was seeing the shows. We got to see the Hack and Slash show and the Zombie Mambo performances. It is weird that I have always wanted to be a part of the show. It is. I realize this. 

 Milo couldn't stop staring at the guys and they were fun to play along with him. 
 Like I said, best decorations. Moment after this picture was taken, those dang vampires got me and scared the living day lights out of me. 

Missing body parts
 There was also this zombie at this booth that would chomp his teeth at us and talk to us. When he saw the twins he was talking about how he wanted to eat them. He asked if he could grill them up and put them in a tortilla. We were all pretty amused with him and he did a great job. 

Love Love Love doing things like this with my family. I hope I am able to pass the excitement of Halloween onto them.