Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Family Night

So for a big family night which included my whole side of the family, my dad got us all tickets to go see the Bees game. I had never been to a Bees game until last night and I had a really good time. Here are some pictures.

Check out his all American wiener!!!

The kids all had a good time eating, chasing down Bumble the mascot to get their hats signed and cheering on the players.

Me and my Luke.

Jackson, the youngest of the group even had a good time watching everyone.

My older brother eating his cotton candy and completely fixed on the game... I think.


Felicia H. said...

we were at the game last night too, thats funny.

Jill said...

How fun! That is great that your whole family got to go! I'm not a fan of baseball, but I think going to those games can be so fun!

The Jensens said...

Looks fun. I love seeing baseball games live. Loved Luke's hot dog!

jdv said...

Looks fun. I have my last baseball for this season to cover this friday and i am going to bring the fam. I have been going to Pawtucket Red Sox and the Lowell Spinners. I doubt they play the Bees though.

TyandLan said...

OUR NEPHEW'S ARE THE CUTEST!! Even Jack! I feel like he's one of my Nephew's too!! How fun! I love that you post pictures of them, since my sister is obviously not so good at blogging! We'll have to get her more on top of it!!

clay and jordan said...

Looks like fun! We miss you guys and were bummed you weren't up in SV camping with the rest of the fam. Sorry we couldn't drive through SLC to see you. :(