Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Garden

Watching our garden grow has been one of the highlights of the summer...I know it sounds like we are a bunch of old people, but it really is pretty fun and rewarding. It all started last summer when my mother-in-law wanted to plant some tomatoes in our garden. Ever since I've been hooked and this year Luke and I decided what to plant. So far this year we have gotten about 7 zucchini, 8 cucumbers, 1 tomatillo and 1 pepper. We are just waiting for those tomatoes to ripen up and then we'll have gobs and gobs of tomatoes. Anyone want some?

There are no words to be said other then I love this picture because its so funny.

The view of the rapidly growing garden

I have been waiting for these cherry tomatoes to ripen up for so long. The other day I had 5 and they were amazing! Cant wait for more.

Our cucumbers. The best way to eat these are peeled and sliced with fresh lime juice and salt!

Our huge pumpkin patch! It's hard to see but we have a pumpkin in there. I don't even know what to compare it to because it's getting really big. It's bigger then any sports ball that I can think of. We're really hoping that it makes it for Halloween!


Geoff said...

Luke is old.

Orgill said...

I love your garden! I would really love to have a garden that big some day... And you BETTER give me some tomatoes!!! We didnt get around to planting any this year, so Im going to just mooch off of yours!

Jill said...

I want tomatoes! I love them fresh from the garden. My dad would always slice them, put vinigear and sald and pepper on them. SO good!

jdv said...

Dreams do come true

The Jensens said...

Good work you guys. I can't keep any plant alive for anything. By the way, I am loving all of your posts!