Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Bear Lake Adventures

Well, this weekend went great. I don't think anyone got sick of anyone and we had a lot of fun.

Here are just a few random pictures of the family camping...

This is my dad with his Moses staff.

My mom attempting to go out on the canoe. She was a bit shaky, but she did a good job.

Roasting the mellows with the kids and eating s'mores.

My boys napping on the beach after a long day of playing in the water. Moose was exhausted by the end of each day.

Our bellies! Mine is finally bigger then Lukes.

Here I am with my sister in law Taleesha and my 2 sisters Wendy and Phia.

These are my nephews Kade and Ethan playing on the beach. I don't know how that little boy could move in such a huge life jacket. The funniest part about those life jackets is the strap that secures right up the crotch. Makes me laugh every time.

Luke and Moose playing. Moose loved playing fetch with the ball.

My nephew Spencer and I roasting starbursts. One of my favorite things to roast in the camp fire. All the kids thought this was such a fun idea so they pulled out all their candy and started roasting gummy bears and I think the next morning they even wanted to roast their Lucky Charms.


Anonymous said...

You are SO adorable! I love your swimming suit! Looks like you guys had a lot of fun. Never roasted starburst. Sounds good, I shall try!

The Jensens said...

I am glad it was fun! You look so dang cute with your little belly poking out!

Jill said...

That looks like so much fun! You are such a cute pregnant person!

Eliza said...

I totally love the belly picture of you and Luke, it's classic!

Orgill said...

So I guess I cant leave a comment with out telling you how cute your belly looks;) So now I reeally want some roasted starbursts!! That is one thing that I will always remember about you!

Felicia H. said...

you have cute nephews. Your belly is cute too.