Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Getting to know me

So, I haven't been able to blog lately, but I'm going to try to be a little better. So much has been going on and we are still trying to adjust to the new change in our lives. These past three and a half weeks have been some of the most challenging, confusing, hectic and testing times that I have ever had to deal with, yet they have been some of the most rewarding, loving, memorable and inspiring that I have been blessed with. Here are a few things that we have learned from our little Oliver.

  • He hates being naked unless he in a warm bath
  • He really enjoys getting his head washed the most
  • He sleeps really well throughout the night-Thankfully
  • He squeaks, grunts, and coos all the time even when he's sleeping
  • He loves to lay on his mom chest long after he's done burping
  • He Burps and Farts like a true Veigel
  • He loves laying with his dad on the couch after a long hard day.
  • He loves his Binky - I'm going to have a hard time breaking him of that one
  • We recently discovered that his swing is one of the best things that we have. He loves it.
  • He enjoys going on walks in his stroller
  • He eats like it's nobodies business
  • He rarely cries but when he does it's very loud
  • He makes some of the best and funniest faces
  • There are so many people that love this little guy

We are so incredibly grateful for the enormous blessing that Oliver is in our lives. We have such amazing families and friends that have helped this little journey start off on a great note. Oliver is already full of a lot of personality and he constantly makes us laugh and amazes us with the little quirks that make him who he is.


Jill said...

He is too cute! I need to come visit you and see him! I will give you a call to see when would be good for you, and maybe I can bring Steve along for you to meet!

Amy said...

Ah! I am so glad you posted. I don't get to see enough of you guys anymore! Love that picture and I LOVE that list! Babies are definitely a lot of work, but it is worth it! I am glad he likes the swing, sorry that we couldn't find the strap for ya! I will bring down the toy that goes with it sometime!

Andy and Kim said...

Adorable, it is good to hear that things are adjusting nicely! I am jealous that he sleeps through the night... but really can't complain Campbell only gets up twice to eat. Congrats you guys!

John said...

Sounds like a cute little fella! So, I need your address for a wedding announcement!

Eliza said...

Ah, I wish I could hold him and kiss him! And I totally laughed out loud when I read, "He Burps and Farts like a true Veigel" because Luke, you have the craziest burps I have EVER HEARD!

We miss and love you guys!

Karina said...

Im so glad you got a chance to post!!! I love that picture of him and he already looks different from when I saw him just a couple of days ago!!!! I cant wait to see him again. ...And about Lukes crazy burps.... I have heard a lot more crazy things come out the other end, and its usually on MY furniture!!!

Felicia H. said...

He is too cute! The first month was the hardest for us it seemed to get easier after that because we seemed to have a schedule worked out.

Jake and Becky Veigel Family said...

He is--as I have said before_ a complete and total stud. Only true stud can burp and fart like they mean it.

Andy and Kim said...

P.S. I tagged you, when you get some free time, check out my blog

Brittany said...

He is absolutely adorable!!! I'm glad to hear your all doing well.

Kelly and Stacey said...

He is so cute. We had such a fun time on our walk.

Rustin and Ashley Miller said...

He is so cute. Congrats! I can't wait to see him. It's almost November so you guys better be at the Veigel yearly get together.