Saturday, October 18, 2008

Husband Tag

1. Where did you meet?
We met an my brothers house. He set us up. Luke didn't like me at first but that's a story for another day.

2.How long did you date before you got married?
We dated for 8 months and engaged for 2.

3.How long have you been married?
It was 4 years in August.

4.What does he do that surprises you?
It's hard to surprise me so any time he surpises me is a suprise. Got that?

5.What was the last thing that he did for you?
He watched the baby so that I could go shopping with Karina.

6.What is your favorite feature of his?
I love Lukes eyes and lips.

7. What is your favorite quality of his?
That he has sch a great sense of humor.

8. Does he have a nickname for you?
Of the appropriate ones...Kimmers & Sweetikins

9. What is his favorite color?

10. What is his favorite food?
Ice cream...does that count as food?

11. What is his favorite sport?
Luke doesn't like sports too much but I think if he had to choose then it would be soccer.

12. When and where was your first kiss?
When? I couldn't tell you the date but it was our 3rd date and we had just finished watching the movie "The Ring" at Trent and Amys house and we drove back to his house where my car was parked he walked me to my car then kissed me.

13. What is your favorite thing to do as a couple?

14.Do you have any children?
Yes, one cute little guy named Oliver.

15. Does he have a hidden talent?
He can dance really well. He has really good rhythm

16. How old is he?

17. Who said " I love you" first?
I can't remember but neither can he.

18. What is his favorite type of music?

19. What do you admire most about him?
He is so good when it come to doing church things. He makes me want to be better because of it.

20. Do you think he will read this?

I tag Stacey, Whitney and Kim L.


Amy said...

Fun tag! We miss you guys around here. You need to come up sometime and watch the office and have some icecream!