Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Well, we did it!

And it was one of the best experiences....EVER!

Racing in general is always so much fun to me, but you get a group of girls together that just click well, packed tightly in an SUV, 1.5 hours of sleep and a whole lot of running and you've got the perfect combination for some {killer} memories.

Our team was # 506 and our team name was '123 Not It!' We all got pink shirts and ironed on hand prints in the back that said 'You're It'. I thought our shirts were some of the best out there, but that just may be me being biest.

Thursday night we all met up to do our shopping. I really didn't know what to buy so I spent about 50 bucks worth and ended up eating about $10.00 of it. Following the shopping, we ate a Rumbi Grill and of course it was delish, but sadly, no picture.

And so it begins....

Our team :
{sorry you may not understand some of the names}

Our {awesome} driver!

Leg 7: Amy

Leg 8: Kim

Leg 9: Mindy

Leg 10: Martha

Leg 11: Ellen

Leg 12: Liberty

We also ran into some friends

And I was so lucky to have ran this race with the one and only, Amy. Seriously, I don't think I would have ever done this without her.

I don't know what happened to this picture, but picture this:

Amy and I were crossing the finish and we heard "Amy! Amy! Amy" and so we both turned to see Teri and Brad Jensen (Amy's in-laws) in the crowd. I waved too and I heard Teri say "Oh and Kim!" It was so nice to see them there to support their family....and me....sort of ;).

Here is our entire team at the finish!

Go team 123 Not it!!

And of course van 2...the best van out there!

We are already signed up for next year and we plan on all being there in the same van again. Loved loved loved this race! Thanks ladies for such a good time!


Amy said...

Ya, this race rocked. Can't wait to do it again.

And you didn't copy my post at all. Totally different.