Thursday, August 25, 2011

Knotty girl

Back in July, I helped Oakley do something that very few 5 year olds would never actually do...


After a lot of convincing, Oakley decided that she wanted to get her hair done. We set a date and planned out the entire afternoon. I don't know who was more excited out of her, her parents or myself.


A couple hours into the backcombing, twisting and rolling.

A few hours into it

Almost there

Finally done...for now.

We made a deal that we would take Oaks so Texas Road house for dinner...

...Followed by some ice cream...

...Shopping for some headbands, AND a sleepover. I'd say this girl sure knows how to make a deal.

I love Oakley, I love her hair and everything about her.

Isn't she just the cutest little dread head you've ever seen?


Mindy said...

She is adorable, and I love that you two are twinners!

Mindy said...

p.s. You're an awesome aunt. I need to take aunt lessons. :)