Monday, September 12, 2011

"I'm Fwee"


We have been talking to Oliver about his Birthday for a few weeks now and he hasn't showed much excitement (That could be because we have been telling him that he's going to be 3 so he needs to go on the potty...I'm sure that terrifies him and therefor so does being 3).

I really wanted him to understand that Birthday's are a big deal and should be celebrated and exciting so I decided to spoil him today.

First on the list...Junk for breakfast!

I asked Oliver what he wanted for breakfast and he said a cinnamon roll. You've got it Birthday Boy!

Then, before Luke went to work, he gave Oliver his birthday present...

Super Hero's!

Oliver loved them and could even name them all...Iron Man, Hulk, Thor & Captain America.

I asked Oliver what he wanted to do today and he said "Go to the Zooooo!!" He's been wanting to go to the zoo all week.

Wendy, Kat and Jack came along with us. The animals were so active today, the weather was perfect, we rode on the train, bought a "Zoo Poo" book (for potty training purposes of course) and a mini giraffe for Jack and mini Elephant for O, AND had such a good time.

After being treated to lunch at Wendy's and taking a nap, we went out again.

This time...A movie.

This was Oliver's first time ever going to see a movie at the Movie Theater. I wasn't sure how he would do, but he did pretty good. Sadly, we didn't have a good choice of movie anywhere so we settled for "Zoo Keeper" at the dollar theater...thinking this would have him hooked. Eh, it wasn't great for his age and towards the end he just wanted to go play the games that he saw out in the foyer, BUT we made it through.

Oh! AND he literally ate half the bucket of popcorn. Seriously, he had more than I did.

As soon as the movie was over, Oliver asked me if it was time for the games.

Heck yeah it was!

He had to make sure he went from one game to the next testing out the equipment and making sure to kill the monsters. He loved this.

When we finally made it home and when we did, we found a nice surprise waiting for Oliver at our door.

A Happy Birthday Balloon and M&M's from Aubry (Or "Bobwy" as Oliver likes to call her)

He LOVED it and was all smiles. After getting ready for bed, I told him he could wait up until Dad got home before he had to go to bed. Of course he had to get his super hero's, blanket, balloons and M&M's.

When Dad got home, we tucked him in with his hero's and called it a {long} day.

I don't know what I may have done to be blessed with such an incredible child like Oliver. He means the world to me and makes me look at life in a whole new light. He makes me smile everyday and helps me to love more than I thought possible. These past three years have gone by in what seems a blink of an eye and it feels like it was just yesterday when I was holding this precious gift in my arms for the first time.

Oliver, we love love LOVE you. You are seriously the most rad boy around.

Happy Birthday!


Mindy said...

He so stinkin' cute!!! We call our Aubrey "Aubrey Bobrey". Must just work with the name. ;)

Happy Birthday, Oliver!

Amy said...

I LOVE the last picture of him in all his birthday glory! You are so fun to do so much for his birthday!
Can't wait to see the 3 year old today.

Felicia H. said...

Happy Birthday Oliver!