Monday, September 5, 2011

Salt Lake Half Marathon- Relay Edition

Ever heard of the Salt Lake Half Marathon Relay? Well I hadn't until Brooke and I were looking for a race to sign up for after we had finished the Deseret News races. We thought we would try to get Amy to do this one with us and to our surprise, she said okay. We even bought shirts to match Brooke's and our official name was 2 Runners and a Wimp {Brooke came up with it}.BUT, after Amy ran her impressive {real} half Marathon, she was out with a stress fracture. Lame injuries!

Luckily, we got Heidi to run with us, and unlucky for her, she got dealt the crap card when we found out that her 4 mile run, was 95% uphill. We even thought we were being nice by not giving her the long run, but did this stop her from kicking serious butt? Nope. I was up next and to be honest, was pretty nervous since I had been getting {stomach} sick a lot lately, but as I ran, I felt awesome! My run was downhill for 5.70 miles and although my legs were getting tired, I ran my best finishing in 49:22.Yeeah! Brooke was up next and also did amazingly. No WIMPS here. Seriously, I don't know why, but Jensen's can run!

We ended with a time of 2:14:48 and placed 12th overall and 3rd for the female division. Not bad eh? I had so much fun running this race and enjoyed the cooler weather in the mountains with a couple of my fellow {upcoming} Ragnar Vegas teammates. Only 46 more days...but, really, who's counting???


Amy said...

You guys rock! I am glad you had so much fun. Still wish I could have ran with you!

Mindy said...

I felt a little sad when I read that you were looking forward to Vegas. It's almost like a betrayal... you're cheating on me. ;)