Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Massacre

I killed bees....A lot of bees. In fact I counted 7.
It was all because of Costco. You see we were trying to buy some flats of soda for the school and Costco for some reason has a problem with carrying flats of soda that don't explode. Well explode they did. Twice. And twice in my friends Lexus white interior. No Bueno. So after a huge mess, we just threw them in my driveway and I left them there to be cleaned up later. 

Well later was a couple days later and when I went to hose the driveway down, there were so many honey bees collecting the syrup. It was so sad to have to drown out these bees. Really, I was near tears I felt so bad.  

 All dead because of this sweet poison.

One did make it.
about an hour after I went outside to see the massacre and to my surprise, there was one shaking off her wings and brushing off her legs of all wetness and I saw her fly away.

It lightened my heart just a little, but still. I am officially a bee killer.