Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Birthday Boys and Bowling

Aiden and Andrew turned 7 the day after Christmas. And this week we got to celebrate their birthdays. Trent and Amy invited the families over for pizza and Oreo ice cream cake.

(Picture stolen from Amy's blog)

Following dinner and presents, they took us bowling....all 24+ of us.

It was CRAZY and SO much fun.

 I usually beat Luke at things like this, but I sucked it up and didn't even break 100. Luke got 101.
We really had so much fun and I heard more than once, people say that they need to do this more often. I totally agree.

A huge thank you to Trent and Amy. You guys are awesome!
And Happy Birthday to Aiden and Andrew. 7??? Seriously? Wow, time flies.


Amy said...

It was so much fun! However, next time I get to bowl and we do it kidless! ;)