Monday, January 2, 2012

Bring in the new year...FAST!

We love the last week of the year. Why? Because we go down to St. George for a whole week and do whatever we want.

And since we do whatever we want, Amy and I decided to leave everyone behind and go to Vegas.

So we shopped which I have zero pictures of.

And we went to Raising Cane's which is the best fast food place ever. Yes, I mean EVER and of course we had pictures of this...

After stuffing our faces we did some more shopping. Amy was mad because while taking pictures at Raising Cane's, she dropped her camera and it wouldn't turn on.

She was beating up her camera when I snapped this lovely picture of her in all her frustration. And we were laughing so hard at her weird chin and grandma mouth that we were in tears (forgive me Amy for posting this, but I never want to forget it). 
Another favorite is going to Pioneer Park in Stg. It is a park full of huge boulders and caves, climbing and the crack. Oliver went through the crack with his cousins last time we were here and this time he was stuck with a bunch of adults that couldn't fit. I couldn't let him go through alone, so I attempted it and guess what? My chest is small so I was able to fit and we went together. Woo hoo!

 We didn't take pictures of anything else, but we did the usual. Rock band, Running, Finding golf balls, Eating out, Sleeping in, Movies and this year we added putting a puzzle together with the in laws. I even stayed up with just my mother and Father in law (no Luke...he went to bed), until 1:30AM working on it. Sad we don't have a picture of that.

New Years eve was uneventful. We had dinner and hung out playing the ipads on the couch while the kids played wii. The 3 Jensens girls had a sleep over with me and we watched a movie. Luke and I tried to stay up until midnight by watching Breakfast at Tiffinys, but it was too weird and we missed the new years mark by a whole 30 minutes. We're lame.

We are so happy around here to be finished with this year. It was a rough one. But here's to new goals, new memories and a happy new year!


Amy said...

You are a mean, mean person. I don't know if I will forgive you for posting that picture...