Thursday, June 28, 2012

Football Camps

Remember how I work with awesome people? Well, one of the teachers also runs football camps around here, Texas and in Hawaii. Check it out here. He also has friends that run camps all over the place like in Vegas. One of the students that he mentored back in the day, Lauvale Sape, went on to play for the NFL and he also has buddies that have or currently play in the NFL. He has been putting on a camp for the past 2 years down in Vegas that we got to go help out at. Check out his camp here.

Of course I got to hang out with these 2 whom I love. So much fun with them.

We even found some Big League Chew.

Since there were a lot of NFL players there they all lined up and signed all the kids shirts and posters. It was cool to see the kids get so excited for this.
Edwin Mulitalo who played for the Ravens for 10 seasons and won a championship ring was there. He let us have a little fun with his ring.

That ring was the biggest ring I had ever seen and he wore it on his pinkie!

I loved learning all about the Polynesian cultures, mainly the Samoan culture. Very cool.

 Check out this cute 6 year old. He came up to my chin no lie and we called him Mini Alema.

When we weren't at the camp, we relaxed most of the time...


And most importantly ate here. My one and only request of the trip.
 I love me some Raising Canes.
 We also had some awesome first time ever, ate at CPK and Panera and stopped in St. G for some Benjas and The Sweet Tooth Fairy.

On our way home we got stuck in some major traffic just outside of Cedar City. We later learned that it was due to the fires. We moved 1.5 miles in 3 hours.
 We kept ourselves entertained and even went for a stroll along I-15.

Finally when the freeway opened up, we were so surprised to see just how bad the fires were. It was like a battle field. These pictures just don't show how bad and scary it really was.

All in all it was pretty awesome to experience these camps and to see all the hard work that goes into creating such awesome events.


Amy said...

That ring is HUGE! And so jealous of your meal at Raising Canes.

linds said...

what a re-cap. you had all your did you ever remember those poly names. you are not just a tall mexican you are super smart and only a little bit mean when your tired and tell me to shut up. i miss you and can't wait for school to start back up so i can see you!!!