Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's Day

This past Father's Day was a very quiet one around here. Not much was exchanged as far as gifts go, but I hope Luke knows just how much we love him and I hope our Dad's know how much we love them.

At church today I got really emotional in Sunday School thinking about my own dad and the many life lessons that he taught me. My Dad lead such an amazing life and I miss him terribly. Many of my most spiritual experiences have been because of him and his good influence in my life.

I couldn't help but also thing about Luke's dad and the amazing influence that he has on not only Luke, but on me as well. I always thank my Heavenly Father for both of our dad's. I am so so blessed to have Larry to look up to as a Father figure now that my dad is no longer with us.

But back to Luke...

Luke has always been so sweet with Oliver. From the day he was born to now he has always been a good example and Dad to him. I love watching those 2 together. They do so much and whenever I see them in their bonding moment, It just melts my heart a little and I feel so grateful that I have married such a wonderful man. Really, not everyone can say that their babies daddy is pretty awesome.  For Him I am grateful. Oliver resembles Luke in so many ways. Not only in his appearance but in his actions as well. They both love to tease me yet they both make me feel so special and always loved. We are both still learning how to be parents with every stage in Oliver's life and I am so lucky that I picked Luke to share this parenting experience with.

Thank you, Luke, for being such a good Dad.