Thursday, December 6, 2012

Art Masters

I found this awesome idea on Pinterest the other day and I have been wanting to create a similar project with Oliver. On Black Friday I went to Joann's to buy a canvas with my coupons and to my happy surprise, they were 60% off. Score! I bought a larger canvas and thought it would go perfect in my bare room.
Oliver was very excited to help me paint and he did great for about 8 minutes. Luckily he got in some great strokes and created some pretty cool abstract art. I finished up the rest. Even Luke got in one very profound stroke that can be seen right in the middle.
In the end it turned out perfectly.
And that saying is just a little something that we always say to each other.
And just to add a little balance, I made this...


AJ and Cindy said...

so cute! I love those, especially your wishbone :)

linds said...

love them both. can't wait to copy you.