Monday, December 3, 2012

Extraction of the Wisdom Teeth

I have been meaning to get my wisdom teeth out for a while now...years. I have kept pushing it off because I either had an upcoming race or I didn't have any spare money to pay for it. I finally had a feeling that I just needed to get it done. So I told Luke and a week after scheduling the appointment, I went it. I was pretty nervous about being put under anesthesia. Thoughts went through my head like "what if I don't wake up" or "what if I DO wake up in the middle of surgery". I surprisingly slept well the night before and was ready for this in the morning. I walked right in and they got me all ready. The nurse inserted the drugs through my arms and I immediately felt relaxed. Next thing I know I was waking up. I remember the ladies talking amongst themselves wondering if I had worked out that day (because I was in gym type clothes). I vaguely remember telling one of them that she was very pretty and suddenly Luke was there. He told me that when I saw him I said "I love you" in the most monstrous sounding voice.  Luke helped me pick out a movie that they gave me and He, along with a nurse helped me out to the car. He also said that while I was walking out and would wobble a bit from one side to another, I would say "Woooah". The drive home was a blur and so were the first 2 pictures below. Thankfully, Luke captured exactly what I felt like. 
And as each hour seemed to pass by, I felt better and better. I bruised a bit on the outside of my cheek and the back corner of the inside of my mouth.

For the next 3 days I spent most of my time in my bed sleeping, watching movies and day time TV. I ate multiple times at KFC which proved to be the best food for my case. I had some nice visits from Ginger and Lindsay who brought me some yummy foods. I iced and iced and iced my face some more. The doctors office gave me a little care package (below) which was so nice. And of course I have to thank my people, Amy and Luke who took me to my appointment and picked me up. 
I did everything I could possibly do and read and re read my instructions, but still ended up getting dry socket in one spot. I had to go back in to have medication and gauze stuffed down into my gums. Although I wasn't in excruciating pain like most who have dry socket are, I was very thankful to have the constant throbbing in my mouth subside and feel much much better.  

 Here's to happy healing gums and never ever having to get wisdom teeth out again...ever.


AJ and Cindy said...

ugh, I am so sorry you got dry sockets. I keep complaining about how awful mine were, but seriously! So miserable! At least you got it over and done with :) glad you are feeling better!