Monday, June 10, 2013

Another Weekend

Friday night we went out to dinner with Jensen's. Thanks Trent for inviting us.
 For dessert we headed over to Nielsons for some Custard. Nom nom!
Later that night, the girls, Oliver and I were having too much fun, so we invited them over for the night. These kids would not go to bed. Eventually they fell asleep...long after Luke and I did, I'm sure.
My brother and his neighborhood were having yard sales the next morning. We had a couple of things we wanted to sell so we walked over. There were 5 yard sales on their street and at just about each one, they were selling soda, sweets and Popsicles. The kids were loving it. They even bought a few little treasures for themselves.

 Before heading to Olivers soccer game, we hit up this corn dog place in Kaysville (320 N Flint St, Kaysville, UT) that I had heard about. For 5 dollars you get a foot long corn dog and a soda. It was AWE.SOME!

Summer nights are the best in our neighborhood because at any given moment, there is some family out that you can go hang with. We usually assemble here and it's one of our favorite things to do.
Sunday's after church you can always find us snacking outside for lunch. Usually it's chips and salsa. This time we added cheese dip to the mix. 
The rest of our Sunday was spent hanging out together as a family. I love watching these tow together.
Another great weekend. Love summer!