Sunday, February 2, 2014

The Home Stretch Weeks 31-37

Well here we are. The final stretch in this pregnancy. I can't believe we have made it this far and that the babies are just weeks away from arriving. 
These pictures were taken at 27 weeks, but I loved them and thought I would include them.
 He is going to be the best big brother.
31 Weeks
Getting ready for Christmas and feeling overall pretty good. 
(ugly sweater party)

32 weeks.
 Went to the hospital the day after Christmas to have a growth ultrasound to see how the babies are doing. Baby A measured 3lbs 6oz and baby b measures 3lbs 15oz. They will be monitoring me more closely to make sure that baby A is gaining good weight. I weighed in at 191lbs which was fun because that's how much Luke weighs too. 
 33 weeks.
I got sick shortly after Christmas which was not fun at all. I had also pulled a muscle in my belly somehow so being sick and coughing and sneezing would hurt quite a bit. I still have acid reflux but luckily for me the foot and leg cramping have stopped. Next up are NST's and a better idea of what delivery day will be like. 

 34 weeks.
NST's are in full swing and I couldn't be happier. The babies sound so good and I am happy. The belly keeps growing and growing and the babies keep kicking and kicking. Their kicks are really starting to hurt. 

 35 weeks.
Bleeding sent me to the hospita,l but everything looked okay. This week I ended up having to go to the clinic or hospital every single day. 3 of the days were due to symptoms that needed to be checked out to make sure everything was okay. Thankfully, everything was. The other days were scheduled ultrasounds, Non stress tests(NST's) or routine check ups.

Amy took me in one of the times to which I was so grateful for. Being there for three hours is never fun. Especially when your getting blood drawn, getting an IV and being checked for dilation. 
 36 weeks.
Feeling really good and I am so happy that these babies are still growing and doing well. I could go at any minute. We have a scheduled c-section date of January 30th, 2014. Baby B is head down, but that stubborn baby A is still breech. If baby A stays in the breech position, January 30th will be their birthday.
 37 weeks
Final week. I am feeling very large and uncomfortable, but good for the most part. I know one day I will miss the belly and feeling these babies move inside me. I went to the doctor hoping that I would weigh over 200lbs, but to my surprise I lost 2 pounds and ended up weighing 197.

 I was so uncomfortable. Even walking hurt so at the grocery store I fully embraced looking silly on this Rascal while I comfortably shopped. Luke thought it was awesome.
My final Ultrasound. Baby B went from head down to breech so it looks like it's a go for January 30th. We loved our technician and ended up requesting her for the last three ultrasounds.
The day before delivery day, I went to lunch to Yannis with Amy for my "last supper". It was delicious

Some of the things I will miss about my pregnancy:
- I will miss my big belly. I have loved to see it grow and house these two babies over the past 9 months. 
-I will miss weigh ins. I actually loved gaining weight.
-I will miss having people (and when I say people, I mean friends and family) touch/rub my belly. Unlike most women, I really did enjoy it. 
-I will miss being able to eat whatever I want...guilt free
-In the last picture I am holding apple juice. This was my drink of choice during my whole pregnancy. I loved it!
-I will miss feeling those sweet babies kick me. Even if at times, it hurt so bad.
-I will miss telling people that I am expecting twins. It was never necessary to say that I was carrying twins, but I loved to acknowledge that there were two in there and not just one.
-I will miss people's reaction when we would tell them that we weren't finding out their gender. "how do you prepare for that" and "I could never do that" were the most common phrases said following their surprise. 
-I will miss the many foot rubs that Luke gave me. Probably the only time in my life that this will happen since Luke doesn't particularly like feet. A true action of love. 
-I will miss hearing the babies heart beats on a regular basis
-I will miss refering to them as baby A and baby B. And dreaming about their genders and different scenarios in life because of it. 
-I will miss the excitement of going to doctor appointments and seeing their black and white grainy images from the ultrasound
-I will miss having an excuse to not vigorously exercise...who am I kidding...more like to not exercise at all. 
-I will miss taking pictures of my growing belly
-I will miss actually having boobs
-I will miss the nightly routine of looking online to see what growth the babies made that day (through a website) and to see how many days pregnant I was.
-I will miss seeing my doctor on a regular basis. She is pretty awesome.
And lastly
-I will miss the sense of knowing that my body is a part of creating the most important thing on this earth, life.

Next up, January 30th!