Monday, February 24, 2014


Life as a mom of three has been pretty challenging, but awesome at the same time. I forgot how much work is involved with a newborn. Starting with the feedings. It's the most challenging sleep depriving task I've ever had to do. Luke is good to remind me that someday I will miss this stage and how small they once were. What a good reminder to live in the moment and embrace this time even with its challenges. 
Luke got a week off of work to stay home and help me. I'll just say it wasn't long enough. 
This was my very first feeding without Luke. Somehow, I managed.

It's amazing how even after one week, they have grown and changed so much. Love these two and I love them in their cute little jammies.
We went on our first outing where the babies got to meet their Pediatrician. 

Briony was especially happy to be there. Or maybe it was because she was with her dad.
We also had their first photo shoot with the amazing Karina. 

Oliver has been really good. He asks to help with the babies all the time and for the most part, he has adjusted nicely. 
Snuggling with his sister. 
Bathing the babies. Luke and I have this routine down really well. He bathes them and I dress them. 
We have also had so many friends and family members bring us meals and treats and snacks and it has been a blessing. One day, Oliver even got his own anonymous package.  We are surrounded by so many good people in our lives. Thank you!

People have stopped by to visit us too. Both Grandmas stopped by at the same time one night. 

And some cousins that hadn't seen the babies yet got to...but since a couple of them had coughs, they only got to see them through the window.
It's crazy to think I use to stay up until midnight every night. Now I try to make it to bed by no later than ten so that I can get up at midnight or one to feed again. Like I said, the feeding part it so hard. I have been so blessed to have Taleesha and especially Amy help me with this in the mornings. Oh my goodness what would I do without the goodness of those in my life. 
Speaking of goodness. Amy and the rest of the grandma night adult gang had an intervention and got me out of the house while Luke stayed home with the babes. We hit up the Crown and had such a good time. Trent even made us laugh until we cried with his scary outburst of Womanizer. It was SO good to get out. 

These two have changed out lives forever. I admit that some of it is super hard, but they make it totally worth it.