Saturday, November 1, 2014

Adventure Time Costumes

This year for Halloween Oliver wanted to dress up as Finn on Adventure time. We thought, Heck yeah! an easy costume. And then he told us that he wanted all of us to be adventure time characters. Okay, so here you have it...
Oliver as Finn
Briony as BMO
Milo as Jake the Dog
Luke as the Ice King
and I am Princess Bubblegum

The only thing we had to buy for Oliver's costume was his hat.
For my costume I bought the wig from amazon, The leggings from a local store and the dress from the DI. Everything else were things that I already had. 
 And for Mr. Ice King. We just borrowed a graduation gown from a friend and the only think I had to buy was his wig/beard. 
 My sister made Milo's hat and I found this weird bird costume at the DI that was perfect for a soggy dog Like Jake. Briony's dress was made by my talented friend and I just put her in some black tights. It was perfect. 

I didn't think I would love dressing up as this, But in the end I loved how it all came together. We got so many compliments (by those that actually know Adventure time) and it really was one of our best costumes ever.